‘Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love,’ Mother Teresa

The process of sharing a smile with a stranger is an extraordinary thing. It can stimulate a wealth of warmth, comfort and a sense of belonging that is essential for our emotional health. A smile stands as a constant reminder to see through your heart rather than your mind – to communicate the harmony that resides inside of you. It is a simple act that speaks far louder than words; it is the beginning of love.

The first week here at Warrior One Yoga has been busy, intense and challenging. Nevertheless, it was all worth it to see 400 smiling faces come through our doors. Each of you that visited our beautiful Brighton Studio blessed it with a bright and motivating energy, and we are grateful to see our tribe embark on its path as a yoga community. New beginnings offer the opportunity to participate in an individual pursuit of happiness, and WO Brighton is here to assist you in this. Our promise is to be constantly evolving and adapting to better your yoga experience and – consequently – better yourself by nurturing your physical and emotional health.

In Sanskrit the word yoga can be translated to “union” and WO Brighton’s aim is to provide just that, unity. Our hope is to initiate a loving and supportive community and provide:

  • A Bespoke Yoga Experience
  • Progression Based Classes
  • Yoga Tune Up®, Yin, Power Flow, Power Align + Beginner Classes
  • 22 + Classes per week
  • Chemical Free Studio

Find your inner warrior with our Introductory Offer of $50 for 5 classes; it is the perfect way to begin your yoga journey. Feel free to purchase it online or in the WO Studio. Wether you’re a newcomer to yoga or have been practicing for years, Warrior One intends to cater for everyone’s needs, so please let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to drop into the studio or call 9596 5401 if you have any questions or you would simply like to know more!

We look forward to seeing you – smile and all – on the mat!


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