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Yoga Workshops

Yoga teacher Dustin Brown in a straddle handstand at warrior one yoga studio in Mordialloc

Handstand & Inversions with Dustin

Saturday 5 November 1pm – 3pm @ Mordialloc
Investment $65
Develop focus, strength and confidence to take flight in Dustin’s 2-hour playful inversion workshop. Learn the foundational information necessary to create confidence in your inversions. You will explore breathing exercises, your core and why connection to it is crucial to arm balancing, and how to cultivate strength and awareness more intelligently.
Experience the exhilaration, sense of power and joy that awaken when you discover how to work with (instead of against) gravity!
Suitable for anyone looking to take their practice to the next level or to explore an area to challenge and inspire change.
Yoga teacher Dustin Brown in a yin posture at warrior one yoga studio in Mordialloc

Yin and Yoga Tune Up Restore with Dustin

Sunday 12 March 7pm – 8:30pm @ Brighton
Investment $55

Join Dustin for a 90 minute Yin & Yoga Tune Up (Myofascial Release) workshop. Slow down and restore with a delicious combination of therapeutic techniques infused into a deeply restorative Yin Yoga practice.

Think of this workshop as a stress relief oasis. You’ll learn self-massage techniques using the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls followed by meditative yin poses to marinate in the unraveling process.

Melt away stress and tension stored in your body and mind which will allow you to experience a state of deep, conscious relaxation. You’ll leave feeling restored and rejuvenated.

Vinyasa Fundamentals Workshop with Nat

Saturday October 28th 12:30pm – 2pm @ Brighton
Investment $45
Join Nat for a beginners workshop to help redefine your Vinyasa practice and help you to find strength, flexibility and balance. A perfect workshop for those who are new to yoga or for anyone who wants to refine their practice.
In order to grow, progress and transform your practice, you must first have a sturdy foundation.

In this workshop you’ll learn;

  • How to best align postures to your unique body and how to best modify
  • How fundamental yoga progresses to more advanced posture
  • How to effectively and efficiently use your breath
  • You’ll walk away with the confidence to step into any Vinyasa class


1 – 31 JULY
Investment: Included for Tribe members or $229

Join our Mordi Yoga Challenge to feel the difference a regular practice will create physically and mentally and go in the running to WIN! Your goal is to practice 5 classes per week at Mordi Studio – a minimum of 20 classes during the month of July. Complimentary for Tribe Members or $229 for yogis who want to join the challenge!

PRIZE #1  4 weeks Tribe Warrior Membership @ Mordi Studio + a double pass to Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

PRIZE #2  3 weeks Tribe Warrior Membership @ Mordi Studio + a Warrior One Yoga gift pack

PRIZE #3  2 weeks Tribe Warrior Membership @ Mordi Studio + a Yoga Mat

FREE Beginner’s Yoga Class

Sat 6 July @ Brighton 1pm-2pm | Dhini
Sat 6 July @ Mornington 10:45am-11:45am | Sonja
Sun 7 July @ Mordialloc 11am-12pm | Alessandra
Investment: FREE

This is a FREE monthly session held on the first weekend of each month at all three studios; Brighton, Mordialloc and Mornington. Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone!

A perfect starting point for those new to yoga or anyone looking to refresh their foundational skills. This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of yoga in a welcoming and supportive environment. 

Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Nat

Sunday March 17th 11:30am – 1pm @ Mordi
Investment $45
Join Nat to redefine your Vinyasa practice and help you find strength, flexibility and balance.

Learn how to;

  • How to best align postures to your unique body and how to best modify
  • How fundamental yoga progresses to more advanced posture
  • How to effectively and efficiently use your breath
  • You’ll walk away with the confidence to step into any Vinyasa class

A perfect workshop for those who are new to yoga or for anyone who wants to refine their practice.

Qi Gong Series with Rayne

Saturdays in May 4th ,11th ,18th ,25th 1pm – 2:15pm @ Brighton
Investment: $40 per session or $140 for full series

Each curated 75-minute session will embody the essence of the Five Element Theory in an easy-to-learn, all levels exercise set that will help harmonize your energy and accelerate your body’s natural healing abilities to leave you feeling refreshed, stronger, and more centered.


Experience the ancient wisdom of Qi Gong and learn how to harmonize the Five Elements for balance, vitality and happiness in this 4 week series.

When the elements and associated organs and energies are balanced inside – physically, mentally, and emotionally, we feel happy. Join for single sessions or commit to the whole series.

Let’s move some Qi! Click the dates below to book.

4 May  Inspirations & Tranquility ( Metal + Water )
11 May Calm Resilience ( Wood )
18 May – Spacious Joy ( Fire )
25 May Grounded Presence ( Earth )

Sound Bath Journey

Join us for a restorative evening. You will be invited to lay down on a mat, create your own little nest and close your eyes. In this reclined position you will experience a deep listening experience as you are cocooned in live sounds, otherwise known as ‘sound bathing’.

A 60-minute sound immersion with multiple gongs, quartz crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, a shruti box and other various sound tools.

Investment $40
Time: 7.15pm – 8.15pm

Elevate Your Practice with Dustin

Saturday 11 May @ Mordialloc 12:30-2:30pm
Investment $40

Join Dustin for this insightful and illuminating masterclass, designed to empower you with the tools to take your practice to the next level. 

Expect to move through an invigorating Vinyasa Flow before diving deeper into pranayama and meditation with the space and support from Dustin to deepen your understanding of yoga as a holistic and transformational practice. Perfect for all levels!

Metamorphosis: Yoga for Peri to Post Menopause with Rachel

Sunday 23 June 12pm – 4pm @ Mordialloc
Investment $130

In many cultures the transition through peri-menopause into menopause and beyond is considered a new beginning; a metamorphosis into a stage of life that may offer greater freedom, spiritual and emotional growth.

Join Rachel as she shares knowledge through a range of practices including yoga, meditation, breath-work, sound healing, myofascial release and lymphatic self-massage, you will learn tools to better understand and support your changing needs so you can trust more in your body’s innate wisdom.

Light refreshments are included as well as a soundbath with Max Jared.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Jade 

Date: Saturday 6 July | 12pm – 4.30pm
Location: Warrior One Yoga Mordialloc
Investment: $330
This engaging and comprehensive 4-hour short course is designed specifically for individuals who are passionate about working with children and eager to embark on a journey into the world of kids yoga instruction.
Throughout the training, you will be equipped with essential tools and techniques to confidently teach kids yoga in a fun, educational, and nurturing environment. Jade will share her expertise and guide you through a variety of playful and interactive exercises, incorporating creative storytelling, games, and age-appropriate poses to capture the imaginations of young yogis.
*This training is limited to maximum of 10 students to ensure a personalised experience. 

The Goddess Project with Heidi Winter: Kali

Saturday 13 July, 6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Brighton
Investment: $65

Join Heidi for The Goddess Project, a workshop series aligned with the seasons to explore the most prevalent yogic goddesses through asana, meditation, mudra, mythology, pranayama, mantra and kirtan to help you connect with your very own divine inner goddess.

The most passionate of the Goddesses, Kali is the absolute expression of love at its fiercest. With the powerfully potent and extraordinary spirit of Kali, we reawaken the essence of fire, passion and fierce love.

Yin Alchemy: A Touch-Infused Journey with Alessia and Janita

Sunday 21 July, 7:00pm – 8:30pm @ Brighton
Investment: $65

Immerse yourself in deep relaxation and energetic transformation with this Yin & Touch workshop.

This unique experience with Alessia and Janita combines the profound practice of Yin Yoga with the nurturing power of Zenthai Shiatsu-inspired touch. Immerse yourself into this mini-retreat where we seek to harmonise mind and body and unlock the magic of stillness and intentional touch.

Unlock the Treasure Within: Yin, Qi Gong & Live Music with Rayne & Phoebe IKSRE

Sunday 21 July, 1:30-3pm @ Mordialloc
Investment: $55

In the end, the treasure of life is missed by those who hold on and gained by those who let go – Lao Tzu

Let IKSRE’S mesmerising live set wash over you as Rayne expertly guides you through qi-activating movements and deeply nourishing yin holds. This unique experience culminates in a healing live sound, inviting you to fully let go and find your inner tranquility and calm.

Release & Let Go: Winter Yin Immersion with Lucy

Sunday 28 July, 12:30pm – 2:30pm @ Mornington
Investment: $55

Join Lucy for a nourishing and restorative 2 hour Yin journey that explores the subtle energies that relate to this season. 

Winter provides us with an opportunity to slow down, restore and move within.  This immersion is designed to soothe your nervous system, leaving you feeling calm and balanced. Be coaxed inwards with a gentle exploratory practice including Pranayama, meditation and long-held Yin postures focusing on the bladder and kidney meridians. The practice will conclude with a luxurious long savasana followed by tea and a chance to connect together as a community.

Art of Alignment with Dhini

Saturday 3 August, 12:30pm – 2:30pm @ Brighton
Investment: $55

Fine-tune your yoga practice with this workshop exploring alignment refinements of some of the most common poses (asanas).

Using blocks, straps and the wall we will look at the position of the body in different shapes to improve understanding of your correct alignment and help you to access new depths in your yoga practice.

For newcomers, this workshop will offer the opportunity to build a solid foundation and grasp the underlying principles of the practice. Experienced yogis will refine their techniques to help elevate their practice. Expect to be gently challenged, to have fun, and to leave feeling confident in your yoga practice.

Svādhyāya (self study): A 6 month journey towards self

Sunday’s  6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Mordialloc
Dates: Aug 11, Sept 15, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 24 Nov, 8 Dec 
Investment $360

Translation: ‘Sva’: ‘self’ or one’s own / ‘Adhyaya’: ‘study’. A six-session program with Nat designed to help you delve deeper into self-exploration.

Through self-reflection and inquiry, this program offers a multifaceted exploration of yourself: physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through various practices such as yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, somatic exercises, journaling, partner work, and profound and conscious conversations we’ll explore yoga philosophy, energetics, mantra, and mudra, and delve into what can be practiced in a public class. This program is for you if you want to deepen your yoga practice and understanding of yourself.

This program requires a commitment to all six sessions, and no mid-program entry is permitted.

Myths of Yoga: Saraswati with Uma

Date: Sunday 25 August | 11am – 1pm
Location: Warrior One Yoga Mornington
Investment: $55

Join Uma for a deep dive into the myth of Saraswati, the Goddess of creativity, intuition and wisdom. Known as ‘The Flowing One’ her nature flows like water as she dances on the tip of the poet’s tongue.

In this mythopoetic workshop series, yoga postures are enlivened with story, mantra, mudra, movement and meditation. We embody Saraswati to release the stagnancy that blocks creative flow, opening the channels to embody your deepest wisdom and speak your deepest truth.

Kids Yoga with Jade

All bookings can be made by contacting Jade on or via instagram @kidswithwingsyoga

Playful and engaging kids classes help children increase body awareness, strength and flexibility whilst encouraging positive thinking and teaching them self-calming emotional regulation skills.


Kids yoga classes @ Mornington every week

Term 2: 16 April – 27 June

5-9 year olds Tuesdays 4pm-4.45pm $20 a class / $247.5 term

3-4 year olds Wednesdays 3pm-3.45pm $20 a class / $200 term

5-9 year olds Wednesdays 4pm-4.45pm $20 a class / $247.5 term

10 year olds+ Thursdays  4pm-4.45pm $20 a class /$225 term

Kids Yoga School Holidays Workshops

Mornington ⁠
Wednesday 3 & 10 July 1-2.30pm. 5-8yo⁠
Thursday 4 & 11 July 1-2.30pm 9yo+⁠
$35 Primary school aged kids⁠ ⁠

Brighton ⁠
Monday 1 July 2-4pm ⁠
$35 Primary school aged kids⁠

Kids Yoga with Vic @ Mordi

All bookings can be made by contacting Vic on, 0434 268 679, or via instagram @mindfulthrivingkids 

Engaging and meaningful kids yoga that combines movement, mindfulness and mindset strategies to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, all while having fun! Kids build strength and flexibility, learn age-appropriate breathing and mindfulness techniques to feel more calm and grounded, as well as strategies for promoting happiness and self-belief. 

Kids Yoga Classes @ Mordialloc every Thursday 2024
Term Two: Thursday 23rd May – 20 June
4–4:45pm, 6-12 year olds
$112 for 5 weeks or $25 per casual class

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