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Trailer Episode with Nova Rosaia & Dustin Brown

Welcome to the Warrior One Yoga podcast, where we dive deep into the world of modern yoga. In each episode, we’ll be joined by expert yogis, teachers, and enthusiasts who will share their unique perspectives and insights on a range of topics, from the history and philosophy of yoga to its practical applications in everyday life.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, this podcast is designed to help you deepen your understanding and connection to the practice.

Episode #1 Gratitude meditation: A practice to start your day  with Dustin Brown

Join Dustin for a powerful gratitude meditation to start your day with positivity and intention. In this guided meditation, you’ll learn how to focus your mind and connect with the present moment, allowing you to experience a deep sense of peace and gratitude. Whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, this practice is perfect for anyone looking to start their day with a positive mindset. So come join us and let’s start the day with gratitude!

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Episode #2 Your ultimate guide to our Thailand Yoga retreat
with Nova Rosaia & Dustin Brown

Everything you need to know about our upcoming Thailand yoga retreat! We’ll answer your frequently asked questions and take you through a typical day on retreat. From energising yoga classes to relaxing meditation, nutritious meals, and plenty of free time, our retreat offers the perfect balance of activity and relaxation.

Episode #3 The story of Warrior One Yoga: How did we get here?
with Nova Rosaia & Dustin Brown

Join us for the highs and lows of our journey, sharing the challenges we’ve faced and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. From the early days of building our first studio to expanding our offerings and growing our community, we’ll share the behind-the-scenes stories that have shaped our success.

Episode #4 How to get the most out of your practice 
with Nova Rosaia & Nataraj Chaitanya

How we approach any situation dictates what we get out of the experience of life. The same is true for the practice of yoga. In this episode, Nova sits down with Nataraj, one of our incredible yoga teachers at the Mornington Studio, to talk about how to get the most out of your yoga practice from a philosophical perspective.

Episode #5 The power of Yoga and Yoga Nidra as a healing tool
with Nova Rosaia & Rayne Watkins

Discover the transformative power of yin & yoga nidra with Rayne, a renowned yoga teacher and expert in yoga nidra. Rayne shares her insights on how yoga can be used as a tool for stress management and balancing yin and yang energies. We also delve into the benefits of Vinyasa versus Yin Yoga.

Episode #6 Everything you need to know about teacher training
with Dustin Brown & Nova Rosaia

If you’re thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, or curious about what’s involved in a teacher training program, this episode is for you. We’ll cover FAQs like what to expect and if you can take the course without wanting to teach. We’ll also dispel misconceptions about advanced poses and study time during the course.

Episode #7 Chakras Unlocked
with Nova Rosaia & Heidi Trigar

Explore the fascinating world of chakras and how we can connect with them in our yoga practice and daily life. Heidi provides practical tips and insights to help listeners understand the significance of each chakra and how to balance them to achieve greater harmony. Whether you’re new or a seasoned yogi, this episode is sure to deepen your understanding to these powerful energy centers.

Episode #8 Chakra Meditation
with Heidi Trigar

Let Heidi guide you on a meditation to connect with each of your chakras, allowing you to release any blockages or negative energy and restore balance to your body and mind. By the end of this meditation, you’ll feel more grounded, centered, and connected to your inner self. This pairs perfectly with our previous episode, where Heidi shared practical tips and insights to help you understand each chakra and how to balance them to achieve greater harmony in your daily life.

Episode #9 How to prevent and support common yoga injuries
with Nova Rosaia & Ian Cresswell

Join Ian for this humorous and insightful episode on how to prevent and support common yoga injuries, including proper alignment, modifications, and listening to your body. We’ll discuss common injuries we see in a yoga class and provide tips to prevent them. Plus, we’ll share ways to support your yoga practice if you’re injured. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of modifying poses to keep you feeling strong in your practice.

Episode #10 Mastering life’s challenges with the wisdom of Yoga philosophy 
with Nataraj Chaitanya & Nova Rosaia

Beginning his practice at 12, Nataraj now combines ancient wisdom with modern living, urging us to seek wisdom and realise our limitless potential beyond our bodies and thoughts. Discussing the broad concept of divinity in yoga, he addresses skepticism about yoga’s spiritual aspects and encourages rethinking our approach to the divine. He highlights yoga’s capacity to help us navigate life’s unpredictability with grace, compassion, and growth, ultimately connecting us to our highest values.

Episode #11 Yoga for Pregnancy
with Alessia Frisina

As a mother of two, Alessia shares her experiences with pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, highlighting how yoga impacted her journey. As a yoga teacher and yoga practitioner, she emphasises self-inquiry, introspection, and addressing worries on the mat while incorporating a more feminine flow. Alessia offers practical tips for birth preparation, such as short asana practices, music, baths, and mantras.

Episode #12 Pregnancy Meditation
with Alessia Frisina

Be guided through a calming meditation for pregnancy and labor with Alessia. Focusing on relaxation and visualisation, this meditation helps release tension from the neck and shoulders to the pelvic floor and hips. Designed to alleviate stress and discomfort during this special time, Alessia’s soothing guidance offers a tranquil refuge for expectant mothers. Simply find a comfortable position, breathe deeply, and allow your whole body to let go and receive.

Episode #13 The power of community and connection
with Kristian Crowe & Nova Rosaia

Kristian discusses the power of community and connection in the yoga practice and shares his love for bringing people together to deepen the connection to self and others. He explains why community is crucial for understanding that we’re not alone. Tune in to hear more about the benefits of co-regulating our nervous systems, making space for love and contributing to the collective. This hilarious and joyous conversation on community in yoga is not to be missed!

Episode #14 A practice of being: guided meditation
with Kristian Crowe

Kristian will gently guide you through a practice of being, allowing you to tap into a deeper sense of inner calm and stillness through meditation. Learn to quiet the mind, release tension in the body, and connect with a sense of peace and clarity. Whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, this episode offers a powerful opportunity to cultivate a greater sense of presence in your daily life.

Episode #15 Authenticity off the yoga mat
with Kat john and Nova Rosaia

Kat John and Nova delve into the process of self-inquiry to understand our behaviours, encouraging us to question our motivations and internal narratives. They discuss the common hurdles to authenticity, including comparison, projection, and the desire to be liked. Recognising the journey towards authenticity as a continuous practice akin to yoga, they highlight the importance of self-compassion and patience.

Episode #16 How yoga teacher training transforms lives
with Nat Commons & Dustin Brown

Dustin and Nat discuss the transformative power of yoga teacher training (YTT) beyond the physical poses. They share personal experiences of how YTT helped them reconnect with themselves and gain a deeper understanding of the broader aspects of yoga, including energetics and philosophy, and highlights the life-changing potential of learning about them in teacher training.

Episode #17 Yoga & Psychotherapy: the journey from your head to your heart
with Nat Commons & Nova Rosaia

Nat, one of our head teacher trainers, shares her inspiring journey and explores the concept of conditions of worth and how it disconnects us from our true selves. Nat unravels the power of yoga to reconnect us, both on the mat and in our daily lives. Get ready to peel back the layers and rediscover your authentic self with Nat’s insightful wisdom as she guides us through the path of moving from the head to the heart, acknowledging both the light and shadow aspects of ourselves for wholeness.

Episode #18 Rest & Reset: A Yoga Nidra Practice
with Rayne Watkin

Yoga Nidra, the practice of yogic sleep for deep, effortless relaxation. Guided by Rayne, this meditation concentrates on breath and sensory experience to lead your body and mind into a blissful state of awareness. Perfect for those who find meditation challenging, this practice involves simply listening and allowing your body to soften. Prepare for a profound connection and a reset. Get comfortable, undisturbed, and ready to start or end your day with this rejuvenating experience.

Episode #19 How to elevate your yoga teaching
with Megan Killorn & Dustin Brown

This enlightening conversation aims to inspire and cultivate growth in yoga teachers, both on and off the mat. Dustin and Megan, our head of teacher development at Warrior One, discuss how to enhance your yoga teaching skills, regardless of your experience level. Emphasising the importance of preparation, such as sequencing, playlist selection, setting class intentions, and energy management, they offer powerful tips on verbal cueing and the use of voice to enrich classes.

Episode #20 Leaning into discomfort and quietening the mind
with Dustin Brown

Dustin delves into strategies for managing life’s challenges and quieting our restless minds in this insightful episode. He highlights the power of deep breathing as a means to slow down, refocus, and physically stimulate the prefrontal cortex. Learn about the power of awareness during moments of discomfort, and how to create a beneficial gap between impulsive reactions and thoughtful responses. This episode concludes with Dustin guiding listeners through a brief  meditation practice to attain a state of mindful awareness.

Episode #21 Navigating Menopause: Insights & Inspiration
with Rayne Watkin

An empowering discussion with Rayne, an osteopath, yoga teacher, and mother, who shares her personal journey through menopause. Rayne experienced menopause at the age of 42 and discusses the body’s transition and the various symptoms that can occur. Together with Nova, they expand on the stages of menopause: Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause, noting that experiences can greatly differ among women. Rayne also highlights the beneficial role of yoga in managing menopause symptoms and encourages self-compassion during this challenging, yet natural phase of life.

Episode #22 Unplug to Reconnect: Our unforgettable Aro-Ha Retreat in New Zealand
with Nova Rosaia and Dustin Brown

Delve into the transformative Aro-Ha Retreat in New Zealand’s stunning Southern Alps, hosted annually by Warrior One since 2016. Immerse in awe-inspiring nature, gourmet plant-based food prepared by dedicated chefs, daily yoga classes, and hiking through breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re seeking personal transformation or a chance to disconnect and recharge, the Aro-Ha retreat provides a unique, holistic escape. This episode offers a sneak peek into their recent retreat experience and the physical, mental, and spiritual impacts they’ve enjoyed, along with what you can look forward to if you join us in 2024.

Episode #23 Business of Yoga: 3 pillars of Warrior One Yoga plus 8 key learnings in 8 years
with Nova Rosaia

Nova unpacks the three critical pillars behind Warrior One Yoga’s growth, making this episode a must-listen for budding yoga teachers or those planning to open a studio. She explains the intentional ambiance of our studios and the value of a cohesive teaching team, nurtured to exercise creative freedom while receiving continuous support. She also shares the importance of community cultivated through various events and the power of small gestures. Nova also presents eight vital business lessons she has learned over the last 8 years, including leveraging strengths, goal setting, feedback acceptance, and persistent pursuit.

Episode #24 Calming meditation: A simple practice to down regulate your nervous system
with Dustin Brown

Dustin helps listeners navigate the stresses of daily life with a calming 5-minute meditation. Focusing on the simple yet profound act of breathing, this practice encourages a calming of the nervous system and brings a sense of alignment physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When distractions inevitably arise, Dustin guides you back to the ease of your breath. This meditation can be your daily sanctuary for unwinding, refocusing, and regulating your nervous system. Find your quiet place, settle in, and let the journey towards peace begin.

Episode #25 All you need to know: Common FAQs answered by our studio manager
with Amanda Smyth

Nova and our studio manager, Amanda, dive into the common apprehensions people face when starting or revisiting yoga. In this episode, Amanda recounts her yoga journey from prenatal phases to mental resilience practices, while also providing tangible advice like arriving early, communicating with your teacher, and using props. Whether you’re a beginner, a returning yogi, or aiming to intensify your practice, tune in for insights to navigate and enrich your yoga experience.

Episode #26  Connected and Inspired: Our Thailand Retreat Recap with Nova Rosaia & Dustin Brown

In this episode, we recap our transformative week on retreat at the epic Vikasa property in Thailand, our first time back as facilitators since 2019. We discuss the power of deep connections amongst the 31 attendees, the opportunity to unplug and savour extended yoga sessions, and the personal transformations we witnessed in just a few days. While yoga in a tropical setting is appealing, the retreat offers life-changing experiences beyond the mat. Tune in to learn how you could benefit from our next retreat in 2024!

Episode #27 Highly sensitive people (HSP) and Yoga
with Lou Kelle and Nova Rosaia

Nova chats with Lou, a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher from our Brighton studio, about her journey from using yoga to manage anxiety to becoming a dedicated teacher. Lou take us into the world of Highly Sensitive People (HSP), a trait that resonates with 20% of the population. She sheds light on the unique characteristics of HSP and how yoga’s philosophy and practice can offer profound support. Whether you’re highly sensitive or know someone who is, this episode delivers insights on nurturing these sensitive souls in their life journey.

Episode #28 Chinese Medicine and Meridian Theory for Teaching
with Monica Mclean

In this episode, we sit down with the gifted Monica, an OG teacher at Warrior One since day one of the studio opening. Monica shares how, following a period of burnout, she delved into Chinese medicine studies alongside motherhood, and layers energetic concepts in her classes, transforming each practice into a deeply felt experience. Whether you’re a student interested in Daoist philosophy or a teacher looking to enhance your unique teaching style, Monica’s insights will leave you inspired and excited. Be sure to look out for Mon’s upcoming trainings in Vinyasa Energetics and Advanced Yin.

Episode #29  Best Marketing Practices for Yoga Teachers with Sarah Hammond & Nova Rosaia

Join Nova as she chats with Sarah Hammond, Warrior One’s seasoned yoga teacher and marketing manager. Sarah brings over a decade of experience, blending her love for yoga with her expertise in marketing. She offers invaluable insights tailored for yoga teachers, from establishing a dedicated Instagram to crafting an impactful yoga website, and the significance of connecting with students before and after class. Whether you’re just starting out or are an established teacher looking to up your game, Sarah’s strategies promise to amplify your reach in the yoga world.

Episode #30 If you can remember only one thing from Yoga
with Nataraj Chaitanya and Nova Rosaia

Nataraj, a beloved teacher from our studio and YTT, delves deep into the essence of yoga philosophy in this episode. Central to his teaching are three introspective questions designed to steer self-enquiry. He underscores the ephemerality of our achievements and the oscillation between joy and suffering they can trigger. Advocating for the alignment with the eternal, Nataraj introduces the virtues of Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience), emphasizing their pivotal role in navigating life’s intricacies. By constantly reflecting on whether life’s challenges ask for faith or patience, we unearth the true essence of our yoga journey.

Episode #31 Why you should meditate: the surprising benefits
with Jamie Friend

Tune in to grasp why integrating meditation into your routine could be the key to a more focused, empathetic, and present existence. Discover how meditation transcends being a mere stress-reliever to a transformative practice that refines memory, emotional well-being, and overall life engagement. Jamie, a warrior one teacher and Naturopath, eloquently illustrates the significant shifts that meditation can initiate in our mental patterns and daily interactions, emphasising its importance in our fast-paced, distraction-filled lives.

Episode #31  The Power of Breathwork with Nick Fischer & Nova Rosaia

Dive into the world of breathwork with Nick, a Warrior One teacher and breathwork expert. Nick discusses the transformative power of breath awareness in managing stress and emotions and the surprising benefits of mouth-taping for better nighttime breathing. This episode not only offers practical advice on integrating breathwork into your daily life but also reveals how conscious breathing can enhance your focus, relaxation, and overall well-being.


Episode #34 A Metta meditation practice
with Dustin Brown

Also known as loving kindness, metta is a powerful quality of the heart that has the potential to heal and transform our lives. Join Dustin in this practice that will not only deepen your self-love but expand your capacity to share love and kindness with others.⁠ Get comfortable and be guided through the simple act of breath and intention, and get ready to tap into a profound sense of peace and gratitude for the year ahead⁠.


Episode #35 Yoga will meet you where you’re at
with Nataraj Chaitanya

Nataraj discusses the transformative power of yoga in fostering love and unity. He discusses the Bhagavad Gita and its presentation of various yogic paths suited to different individual temperaments. For the action-oriented, there’s Karma Yoga, emphasizing selfless service and community. Bhakti Yoga, suited for the emotionally driven, builds a loving relationship with life and others. Meanwhile, Jnana Yoga appeals to thinkers and meditators, using meditation to achieve unity consciousness. Nataraj illustrates how each path, in its own way, strips away the layers we’ve built around ourselves, guiding us towards a profound experience of love and oneness.

Episode #36  Sequencing skills for your classes with Amy Cashman & Nova Rosaia

In this episode, Amy Cashman unpacks how to intentionally sequence your yoga classes. Learn the why and how of crafting sequences that resonate with mixed-level classes, blending principles like the bell curve for natural progression, the integration of elements for energetic balance, and strategic build-up towards peak poses. This discussion has insightful tips on creating sequences that are not only intelligent but also deeply connective, ensuring every practitioner finds their flow and challenge harmoniously.


Episode #37 How to deliver an epic vinyasa class
with Soph Davidson and Nova Rosaia

Sophie, a yoga teacher at Warrior One and mentor for our team, takes us through the essence of Vinyasa yoga in this enlightening episode. Learn the art of effective cuing with the Three A’s: Announce, Align, and Add, to guide students clearly through poses and transitions. We also explore how to elevate your sequencing to accommodate all abilities, making every class inclusive. This episode is packed with insights to help you craft an epic Vinyasa experience, blending creativity with intention to uplift and inspire your students.


Episode #35 Yoga will meet you where you’re at
with Nataraj Chaitanya

Nataraj discusses the transformative power of yoga in fostering love and unity. He discusses the Bhagavad Gita and its presentation of various yogic paths suited to different individual temperaments. For the action-oriented, there’s Karma Yoga, emphasizing selfless service and community. Bhakti Yoga, suited for the emotionally driven, builds a loving relationship with life and others. Meanwhile, Jnana Yoga appeals to thinkers and meditators, using meditation to achieve unity consciousness. Nataraj illustrates how each path, in its own way, strips away the layers we’ve built around ourselves, guiding us towards a profound experience of love and oneness.

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