I Can’t Do Yoga

Yoga plays an essential part in many of our everyday lives. Whether you are a veteran yogi or new to the practice our society is becoming absolutely addicted. A lot of us know how beneficial yoga is for our bodies both mentally and physically yet there are many out there who are still finding excuses to not try it out simply because they believe they ‘can’t do yoga’.

As a regular practicing yogi attempting to convince my friends and family to give yoga a go I have heard all of the excuses. “I’m too unfit at the moment, I can’t touch my toes, downward dog is not a resting pose for me, everyone will be better than me, I don’t like ‘slow’ exercise, I’m not flexible, I tried it once and didn’t like it” and the list goes on. What my friends and family should understand is that everyone has to start somewhere, everyone has been a beginner and we have all had to attend class for the first time, it’s not that scary I promise! Yoga isn’t about being the fittest, strongest and most flexible person in the class, it’s about giving something new a go and setting personal goals.

Someone might come into a class and aim that by the end of the month they will go from being able to reach their knees to touch their toes, whilst someone else might be striving to do a headstand. It is important to remember that just like in all other aspects of life you can have good yoga days and not so good days. If your balance is a bit off or you can’t quite hold chair pose for as long as you did the day before it’s okay! This aspect of yoga is one that I have found very challenging to overcome, accepting that you don’t have to be 100% ‘perfect’ all the time. No one judges you in yoga that is the beauty of the practice; you create your own space on the mat and progress at your own pace to achieve your own goals, it is all about you!

It really doesn’t matter how ‘good’ you are at yoga it’s about creating a positive energy within yourself to achieve your ambitions. I’m not saying that yoga is for everyone and maybe it isn’t for you, however you’ll never know unless you try!

By Alice I’Anson

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