Why we see indulgence as part of a healthy lifestyle

Yin and yang go together perfectly because they balance each other out. And that’s how we feel about lazy days with good wine, good food, and good company. It balances out a life of constantly working and often working out hard on the mat. Here are some of our main reasons we love to sip that glass of wine.

When we are rigid we can become unhappy

When we impose restrictions on ourselves, whether that’s around food, exercise, or lifestyle we can become unhappy and disappointed. We end up creating rules for ourselves that don’t need to be there. It creates a dichotomy between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and therefore new ways to fail.

Pleasure comes in many forms  

We should all have pleasure in our lives. Some of us get pleasure from moving our bodies on the mat, sweating it out at the gym, or climbing to the top of that mountain. While some of us get pleasure from rich chocolate and a cold beer after work. Some of us find pleasure in both.

Experience all the things life has to offer

While we love to eat our greens, sweat on the yoga mat, and get out in nature, we also love a good glass of red wine, an indulgent lunch, and staying up too late talking with close friends. We believe that living a full life includes everything it has to offer.

Balance really is key

Balance is the opposite of extremes. When we do anything in extremes, there are likely to be consequences. Our bodies and minds are complex, so their needs are too. Too much of anything is not the best thing for us.

Join us for a day of yoga, wine, good food, conversation, and organic produce.

Vinyasa + Vino 1 Day Retreat
Friday 28th July, 2017 10.30am-4pm

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