Warrior One Tribe Values: the essential beliefs and principles that underpin our yoga practice. To be embraced by all tribe members, both new and existing.

– YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE- Whether this be in your practice or in your life, remember that you are precisely where you need to be at this moment. We consciously make choices every day. These choices, both big and small, shape our journeys and have guided every member of our tribe to where they are today.

– ALWAYS BE A STUDENT OF YOUR MIND + BODY- Continue to learn more about both your physical and mental being. Yoga is a continuous practice of studying and listening to the body, as well as the mind. Remember that your practice is constantly evolving- there is no finish line.

– ACT FROM A PLACE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE- Towards others and most importantly, yourself. Love your body for its strength and love your mind for its resilience, but remember to love the not-so-perfect parts of yourself too. When we begin to love unconditionally, we let go of our imperfections and can really enjoy life.

– BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU MADE IT ONTO YOUR MAT TODAY- Sometimes we just don’t have enough hours in the day. Or we have an injury. Or we aren’t in the mood. But don’t dwell. Be grateful for the time you HAVE spent on the mat today, or this week, or this month. That’s the time that counts.

– BE THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU- We are all unique beings. But self-comparison can distract us from what makes us special and different. Remember to focus on your passions and interests, and on really being the best version of YOU. Happiness comes from being authentic to ourselves.

– LEAVE YOUR WORRIES AT THE END OF THE YOGA MAT- Your yoga practice should be a place that puts your troubles on a “banned” list. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to push those worries to the side, at least while you’re on the mat. Enjoy observing your worries take a back seat as your practice progresses.

– THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY (NOT THE YOGI’S IN THE SPLITS NEXT TO YOU)- Comparing ourselves to others is one of the most counter-productive things we can do any time in our lives. Your body won’t be the same as the person next to you- so of course it’s limits won’t be the same either. Yoga is your own journey, no one else’s.

– HAVE FUN! YOGA IS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS- We know that yoga is often stereotyped as a super serious activity- but we prefer to ignore that idea and just let go with our practice. Yoga should be about bliss and joy. We don’t take our practice too seriously- we challenge ourselves to rise, sometimes we fall, we laugh at our wobbles- but always finish savasana with a smile on our face.



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