W.O.W. – Warrior One Weekend

I remember the night of March 16, 2015 – it was the night before we opened the doors to Warrior One Yoga. As I laid in bed my mind racing – Have we done everything right? Are people going to like our vision and us? What will they think of the studio? What Lululemon outfit should I wear? As you can imagine we barely slept that night and when the alarm went off at 5am we raced out of bed keen to get to the studio and meet the first group of yogi’s to practice at the studio. That first 6am class is still so clear to me, it was so beautiful to practice in a full room of excited new faces and as Dustin closed the class everyone cheered and clapped to mark the beginning of a new chapter for us. It was a beautiful moment and it is heart warming to see that many of those yogi’s are still members of our tribe to this day.


It’s unbelievable to think that was a year ago. Now, what truly feels like a lifetime later, we have an entire tribe of OMazing yogis who quite literally bring our little yoga sanctuary to life. Our intention all along has been to flow, evolve and unite, and sharing that with an inspiring community of people is truly a blessing. This last year has been a dynamic journey filled with challenges, successes, highs, lows, new friendships and lots of love!


1 year, 1500 yoga classes, 1800 yogi’s through the door, heaps of Ninja kisses and countless OMazing moments. Each of you that visited our beautiful studio blessed it with a bright and motivating energy, and we are grateful to see our tribe embark on its path as a yoga community. Our promise is to be constantly evolving and adapting to better your yoga experience and – consequently – better yourself by nurturing your physical and emotional wellbeing.


In Sanskrit the word yoga can be translated to “union” and our aim is to provide just that, unity. Our hope is to initiate a loving and supportive community for you.


To celebrate our first birthday and you (our beautiful tribe members) we’re offering a weekend of FREE classes at the studio. WOW!

So bring along your friends and family to join in the birthday festivities – 19 and 20 of March. We’ll have our awesome yoga teacher tribe taking you through Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Fundamentals, Yin and Meditation classes. Soul Press will be here to nourish you after classes, as well as giveaways, discounts on session packs and a few other surprises we’ll keep up our sleeves.


We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones on the mat.


Saturday 19
9.30am vinyasa

11am yoga fundamentals

12.15pm meditation
2.30pm yin

Sunday 20

9.30am vinyasa

11am yin

2.30pm meditation



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