Our Favourite Podcasts

We love to be constantly learning and discovering new things. While reading is an amazing way to do this, sometimes it’s hard to sit down with a book. But a podcast can come with you no matter what you’re doing – driving, riding public transport, walking, doing the dishes. Whatever you’re doing, you can often listen along the way. Here are just a handful of our favourite podcasts at the moment to keep you learning and discovering.

The Virtus Performance Podcast

Virtus Performance is a space in Mornington where you can train, do yoga, pilates, see a Sports Physio, a Myotherapists, and even a Dietitian. It’s an all encompassing wellness and performance space. They believe in individual approaches and working to constantly improve our lives and ourselves. The podcast discusses anything from nutrition to goal setting to stories with those who have used health and fitness to change their life.

TED Talks Daily  

We often gravitate towards what we know or what we’re interested in. The TED Talks Daily podcast is filled with stories from every topic covering every corner of the globe. We’ve already listened to stories from POWs, record setting swimmers, and photographers.  We like to listen in order without looking at the topic, it forces you to listen to things you might not naturally be interested in. But trust us, these talks are so great you’ll take something from each and every one.


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa Ambrosini is becoming a household name in the health and wellness community. Melissa wrote the best-selling book Mastering Your Mean Girl which is all about embracing sell love and changing the negative talk so many of us have. She continues this work through her speaking and her podcast. The podcast covers health, love, nutrition, self worth, wealth, and a whole lot more.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

If you’ve watch the new Queer Eye you’ll know exactly who Jonathan is. If not, he’s jumped to quick fame thanks to his role as the beauty consultant on Netflix’s remake of Queer Eye – a show where five fabulous men give others makeovers Helping with everything from fashion to feeling good in their own skin. Getting Curious is a podcast with Johnathan where he chats to anyone and everyone about a huge range of topics. From interviews with figure skaters to professors he covers everything from bees to Brexit.

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