How Yin Balances and Restores

Light and dark, the sun and the moon, yin and yang. We need both sides of the coin in everything we do. And that includes our yoga practice. We can use our practice to help us balance our lives, our tendencies, and our other activities. Most of us tend to lean towards more heat, strength, and stress, whether we mean to or not. Yin is the perfect antidote to a stressful life.

Our yang practice (think vinyasa flows) is connected to heat and strength. The yogis say that this type of movement is related to extroversion, the masculine, daytime, the sun, our sympathetic nervous system, and an outward flow of energy. On the flip side of this, our yin practice is related to cooling, the moon, nighttime, the feminine, our parasympathetic nervous system, and an inward flow of energy. If we think about our practice enhancing these qualities, it makes sense that we need both in order to find balance and nourishment.

Our parasympathetic nervous system and Yin

 In our busy and stressful lives, we tend to switch on our sympathetic nervous system more then it’s needed. It’s designed so that when we are under threat, we can act quickly. But the sympathetic nervous system also responses to mental stress, not just a physical threat. And we are a very stressed group of people. This leaves the body on high alert a lot of the time. Reducing the time it has to relax and restore.

Our yin practice and its slow and steady nature, tells our parasympathetic nervous system to take over control once again. It signals to the brain that we are safe. When we allow our parasympathetic nervous system to switch on, the body takes energy and resources away from our fight and flight response and gives it to the digestive system and the regeneration of the body. It literally helps our body to heal. Plus it keeps the bodily functions moving at a steady and healthy pace.

Our mental focus and Yin

Another way in which our yin practice can impact us is by giving us the time and space to take our focus and energy flow from moving outwards and allow it to turn inwards.

Yin is a very introspective practice. There’s a lot of stillness and quiet. This allows us to focus in on what’s happening inside the body. To let go of the outside world, even just for the time on the mat. When we do this we can better understand our physical and emotional needs. It allows us to become more connected with our own internal space, rather than always seeking validation and engagement elsewhere. We can become better friends with our body and our mind.

Come and join us for two hours of deep yin restore with Dustin and explore this softer side of yoga. Feel both your mind and your body become slower and calmer.

Deep Yin Yoga Restore
Friday 30th June, 6.30pm – 8pm
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