Healthy Recipes for Christmas

There is nothing quite like sharing a meal with family as you celebrate the year that was. Lazy days filled with laughter, gifts, and usually too much food. Sign us up. But sometimes we want to swap out the heavy meals with some healthier alternatives, just to keep the festive season a little more balanced.

We found a few recipes that can be added to your festive feast, just to keep health a little more on your side.

To start: Za’atar Spiced Haloumi and Asparagus, by Jessica Sepel

Entrees don’t have to be complicated. And when you’re cooking for a lot of people, or even just a handful, easy and tasty is really the goal. We love this dish from nutritionist Jessica Sepel as it tastes amazing thanks to the haloumi and the spices, but only takes a few moments to put together. You can also change up the veggies or the haloumi for your tastes and any intolerance that might be in the group. A healthy dose of nuts and seeds could replace the haloumi to make this vegan and dairy free.

Get the easy recipe on Sepel’s site.

The main event: Roasted Baby Carrots with Pomegranate, Pistachio, and Hummus, by The Healthy Chef

Even though it’s usually hot and sunny here on Christmas day, roasted vegetables always manage to feature during mains. This version by The Healthy Chef uses carrots, which are filled with carotenoids, supporting a healthy immune system, plus chickpeas and tahini, which are filled with protein keeping us fuller for longer. And the pomegranate really adds that festive colour and flavour.

This dish is perfect when paired with the protein of choice for your Christmas lunch or dinner. Plus it tastes great cold the next day. Start roasting now.

To finish: Gluten Free Fruit Mince Pies with Gingerbread Crust, by George Eats

Christmas isn’t quite right without gingerbread or a fruit mince pie. Georgia from George Eats understands this and has gone ahead and combined the two recipes into one festive dessert.

She created a fruit mince pie, encased in gingerbread. It’s a win win. Why is it a healthier option? She makes the pies with no refined sugar or gluten – and if you need it to be dairy free, just substitute the small amount of butter for coconut oil (pre-melted).

You can either make this recipe into small individual serves, or one impressive pie. Head over to George Eats for the entire recipe.

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