Understanding Yoga Tune Up® and its Benefits

Here at Warrior One, we offer a wide range of classes. From fundamentals to hone your practice, to vinyasa to dive a little deeper, all the way to yin and meditation to calm and soothe the body and mind. On top of this, we offer something a little different. Our Yoga Tune Up® classes.

Some of you have taken a Yoga Tune Up® class before, but we know there are a lot of you out there who haven’t had the chance yet. And you might be wondering what to expect, what the benefits are, and why you should add Yoga Tune Up® to your practice schedule.

What is Yoga Tune Up®?

Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness therapy designed to decrease pain, fix posture problems, and enhance performance. It’s the combination of yoga, self- massage, and corrective movement. It uses a range of YTU® therapy balls that are created in the same density as our fascia tissue. Making them very safe for the body.

We use the YTU® therapy balls and myofascial release techniques to roll out and release muscles and connective tissue. This allows us to calm the nervous system, reduce tension, eliminate pain, and increase mobility.

What can you expect from a class?

YTU® classes focus on a specific area of the body, whether that’s core, hips, back, neck, or shoulders. The target areas rotate throughout the week.

Your teacher will guide you through a range of different movements and exercises, using the different sized balls. These movements target areas of the body that have a tendency to get tight or are difficult to get into with stretching alone.

You don’t need any yoga experience to attend these classes as most of the movements are isolating one muscle or muscle group and are done in a very supported way. You’ll be guided through how to get in and out of each exercise clearly.  Plus your teacher will be able to modify the movements for you and give you additional exercises if you need them.

What are the benefits?

Most of us are not strangers to injury, discomfort, or pain. Especially if you find yourself sitting at a desk, couch, car, or table for long periods of time. This practice is designed to target everyday complaints from tight shoulders, tight hips or hamstrings, back pain, to general mobility and posture problems.

Whether you find yourself needing more movement in your life, or you’re an athlete who uses your body a lot, these techniques ensure the body stays mobile and pain-free. These classes help you to discover parts of your body that you might overuse, underuse, or simple use in an unhelpful way. Classes help you to get greater mobility, proper use of muscles and joints, and often greater strength and stability. Plus, they give you the tools and knowledge to practice the exercises at home. Helping you to maintain a pain-free body.

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