Overstimulation is a growing problem in 21st century children. In this day and age, kids are so knackered from running from school straight to piano practice, basketball training, soccer, swimming, netball, languages, scouts- the list of extra-circular activities goes on. The result? Exhausted, fatigued and grumpy children who would rather be playing on an Ipad than playing in the park.

The struggle to balance a child’s need for activity, stimulation and learning with their countering need to rest, relax and unwind is as difficult as ever. Likewise, a parent’s struggle to balance a career with family commitments, a social life and their own personal rest/relaxation needs can be challenging to manage.

What if there was an activity that could satisfy these countering needs of stimulating activity and relaxation for children? Welcome to yoga for children.

Yoga practice has proven to be highly beneficial for children for many reasons, with physical, intellectual and social benefits experienced by youngens’ who take part. Developing young minds encounter numerous physical, mental and emotional challenges daily, to which a dedicated yoga practice (including poses, breathing exercises and meditation) can be of great value.

The key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Physical Flexibility- Yoga teaches children how to use their muscles in different ways, leading to greater bodily awareness and increased physical strength. Yoga practice also improves the posture and alignment of young bodies, as well as reducing injuries and improving performance in other sports.
  • Development of Balance and Coordination- Balancing yoga poses foster mental and physical composure, with mental stability resulting from the mere effort of attempting poses- even if a child struggles to balance, mental and physical balance are learned from just giving it a go. Fine motor coordination is incredibly important in young, growing bodies, which is another benefit of practicing yoga.
  • Development of Concentration- Yoga practice encourages us to clear our minds and focus on the poses and the body- this benefit is no different for children than it is for adults. Better concentration skills in children allows them to focus more whilst in school and on their studies.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety/Better Sleep- In addition to improved concentration, yoga practice has also proven to relieve tension and stress in young bodies, leading to a relaxed body and better sleeping patterns. Children also often become more mindful with words and actions, and imagination/creativity are expanded.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem- Yoga teaches young minds to be patient, persist and work toward goals, however small they may be. Practicing yoga is an opportunity for children to play without worrying about having to be perfect or being wrong, and mastering poses boosts confidence and self esteem. Yoga a great option for children who aren’t confident with physical activity or exercising in groups, as well as children who are already excelling athletically.

Starting Tuesday February 2nd, Warrior One is offering a 8 week kids yoga program with Yoga Bean. See you on the mat little yogi’s!

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