Why We’re Excited about Teaching SUP Yoga this Summer

As the heat starts to rise and Summer well and truly kicks into gear, we’re combining two of our loves. The ocean and yoga, in our January stand-up paddle board yoga sessions. While we love practicing on dry land, there is something exciting and fun about taking the practice to the ocean. While you’ll build core and test your courage, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy the healing benefits of the yoga and the ocean at the same time.

Our SUP sessions are open to yogis of all levels. We will play with different shapes and poses and have a really good time while we do it. Here are just a few reasons we’re excited about this series.

Balance, Stability, and Core

Yoga is all about balance, stability, and learning to engage your core muscles effectively. But when you’re standing on a paddleboard, on the water, there are no excuses. If you let your core go or lose your focus, you’re going to get wet. While that makes it a little more exciting and challenging, it’s also a wonderful way to learn which muscles are required to keep you balanced and still. Once you become aware of what to engage and when, your yoga practice can become a lot easier.

Embracing the Importance of Play

Play, just like when we are kids, is so important to our lives. When we grow older we often drop play for things like work and TV. Play is something that you do where time disappears. You could do it for hours and are completely immersed in it. Completely present and joyful. The benefits are endless. It improves brain function, it relives stress, it can stimulate creativity and new ways of thinking, it helps to form deeper connections, and it keeps us energised. While play can be something as simple as colouring in, running around kicking a ball, playing with animals or children, we also think our practice can be play. And where better place to play than in the water.

Reaping the Benefits of the Practice and the Ocean

You’ve probably heard the range of benefits that come with a regular yoga practice. Flexibility, strength, breath and body awareness, and mindfulness and stress reduction. The list goes on. But so does the list of benefits we get when we spend time by the ocean. The nature and movement of the water actually triggers more mindful and meditative brain activity, while the air that we smell and breathe helps us stay healthy. How? It’s filled with iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland, and negative ions, which are needed to help the body strengthen the immune system. So the more we breathe, the better we’ll feel. If that’s not enough the salt and magnesium from the water naturally heals our skin as we play.

We can’t wait to spend the summer by the water. Want to join?

Here are the all important details…

SUP Yoga with Dustin

Sunday mornings in January 7:30 am – 8:45 am
Investment $45 per session or $40 for Tribe Members

Sunday 8 January | Elwood Beach
Sunday 15 January | Brighton Marina
Sunday 22 January | Elwood Beach
Sunday 29 January | Elwood Beach

Book your board – https://warrioroneyoga.com.au/book-my-mat/ or call 9596 5401

Enjoy the freedom to move and be moved on your moving mat. All levels welcome. Please wear comfortable yoga clothing or a bathing suit. *March Dates Coming Soon



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