What is Fascia?

While a lot of us think about tightness, pain, and stress in the body coming from just our muscles and joints, there is a third party we need to address. And that’s our fascia. It can be thought of as a giant onesie within our body. We use our Yoga Tune Up classes and workshops to help you understand how to release tension in the fascia tissue, but we thought we’d share a little more insight for you to take away with you.

When fascia tries to heal it can create dysfunction

Our fascia system is a very intricate and sophisticated structure. It’s built in a way to make movement easy and allow for strength. When we injure ourselves or when we rely on bad posture for long periods of time, the fascia tissue tries to remould itself but does it very quickly. These new threads are not in the same sophisticated structure and can result in restricted movement or less strength. When we use Yoga Tune Up balls and release techniques we can help the body undo some of that dysfunction and bring back functional movement in the body.

Fascia lives all throughout the body

While sometimes it’s easy to think of fascia simply as surrounding muscles and joints, it can also be found within each muscle, making it very hard to separate the movements and function of muscle and fascia. This means it’s important for the full range of muscle movement that our fascia tissue is free.

Fascia has a lot of nerve endings and can signal pain

When we feel pain in the body we assume it’s a muscle, a joint, or something else. But there are a lot of nerves in our fascia tissue, which means it too can signal pain. When we feel pain, we can look to fascia release techniques to see if that can relieve some of the symptoms we’re feeling. It will also help to restore movement and function to that part of the body.

There are a number of ways to support the fascia system

The fascia system is a complicated and sophisticated structure. So it makes sense that there are a range of movements and techniques that help to keep it healthy. Our fluid vinyasa practice helps the fascia system by taking the body in all directions, stretching lines of fascia. Our yin practice helps to unlock stress and tightness by sustained pressure for a longer period of time. Then our yoga tune-up balls and techniques also help to target specific problem areas and release dysfunction.

Come and join us for an exploration of fascia and stress in our Yoga Tune Up workshop with Dustin.

Breathe In, Bliss Out | Yoga Tune Up Workshop
Friday July 21st
6.30pm – 8.30pm
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