Warrior One’s Winter Warmers

Let’s all take a quiet moment to say our gloomy goodbyes to the last of Melbourne’s sunny days. It’s back to frosty mornings and runny noses, the anxious wait while the car heater warms up and that dreaded dash to work in the rain. Oh winter, must you arrive so soon?

If you’re anything like us here at Warrior One, then the cold mornings might be taking their toll on motivation levels. Let’s face it, hail forecasts and frost warnings aren’t a great incentive to get up and get moving. Our energy levels can really take a dive in winter, with the daylight hours limited and the weather uncooperative. When tossing up between rugging up in bed with the electric blanket or braving the cold for a morning workout, chances are the electric blanket will win every time. We understand, don’t you worry! Along with an increase in hot chocolate consumption and movie marathons, winter often triggers unwelcome weight gain and a higher risk of feeling run down or catching a cold.

There’s no doubt that winter can make us all feel a little sad – and we really mean SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a bona fide condition, roughly affecting 1 in 300 Australians. Anyone is at risk of developing the so-called ‘winter blues,’ but people who already struggle with depression or low moods can find it quite difficult to cope through the colder months. Working long office hours or being restricted to an indoor job means missing out on that special vitamin D we hear so much about, and this too puts people at a greater risk of experiencing a mood slump. What’s more, it’s not only those living in the cooler southern states that get SAD. It can even occur in the milder Australian states, with a particular study linking similar symptoms between people from Brisbane, Newcastle and Hobart. So how do you know whether you’re sad or SAD? The common symptoms include fatigue, excessive sleep, weight gain, lack of motivation and feelings of despondency, but will most likely diminish once the Spring sunshine thankfully returns. Scientists suggest that Seasonal Affective Disorder is directly linked to the lack of sun and daylight hours through winter that consequently play havoc with our hormones. But if you’re feeling as though the symptoms are getting out of hand then don’t hesitate to speak to your GP about it.

Although it’s easy to feel moody and unproductive during this time of year, try to embrace the cold weather by doing the things that you usually can’t during summer. Try some of Warrior One’s warming winter ideas and get your blood pumping again!

  • Chai time: winter is the perfect time to sip on some steaming hot chai tea. The aromatic concoction of herbs and spices is packed full of medicinal antioxidants and is so easy to make from scratch! Simply brew cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cardamom pod, peppercorns, ginger, fennel, nutmeg, vanilla bean and black tea with your favourite milk and there you have it – ultra chai goodness.
  • Get soupy: who can pass up a bowl of beautiful, warming soup on a cold day? Pack them full of veggies and protein and you’ve got a nutrient-rich, low-calorie meal that heats you the whole way through. Get out the slow cooker and experiment with different options such as barley, lentils, quinoa and wholegrain pasta. It will keep you feeling fuller for longer and provide your body with the right vitamins and minerals to ward off unwanted winter colds.
  • Put on the raincoat: Rug up and head out for a brisk walk in the icy weather. We’re talking thermals, gloves, beanies, coats and – if you’re feeling adventurous – gumboots! A winter walk is actually extremely invigorating for the body and is a great way to experience some natural light and replenish your vitamin D stores.
  • Splurge on gym gear: motivate yourself to hit the gym or the mat by indulging in some new winter fitness attire!
  • New moves: branch out your yoga style at WO Brighton by trying out our different classes. Our Power Flow class is structured to build heat, flexibility and strength and is perfect to recharge your batteries on a chilly day. The studio is always ready and warm and provides the perfect excuse to escape the nasty weather outside and get your body moving!

And if you’re still feeling uninspired then Warrior One has the perfect reason for you to escape winter all together. Cue the tropical vibes because it’s not too late to book your spot in paradise for the Warrior One Yoga Retreat in beautiful Koh Samui! Join us for seven days of sun, meditation, healthy organic food, open-air yoga classes and thai-style massage at the serene Vikasa Retreat. It’s the ultimate opportunity to refuel and nourish your body through strong yoga asana, while resting and reconnecting with your mind and spirit. The retreat runs from the 17th to the 24th of August this year and has a specific purpose: to make you feel amazing! For more information email info@warrioroneyoga.com.au and chase the sunshine to Thailand with us!

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