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200 hour yoga teacher training


The Program

Our Warrior One Yoga Vinyasa 200-Hour Teacher Training program is carefully designed for students who want to deepen their practice as well as for those students who wish to become teachers themselves. Join Nat, Amy, Nataraj & Nova for an opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga, expand your skills and learn how to share that with the world. Our Yoga Alliance® accredited course includes philosophy, asana, sequencing, pranayama, anatomy, meditation and business.

This yoga teacher training will place demands upon your comfort zones and challenge insecurities, inspire incredible self-esteem and self-respect both as a teacher and as an individual as well as transform your ability to feel connected to yourself and to others. This type of work becomes very powerful when a group of people, ready to break open and reveal, come together for the purpose of enriching human experience.


Investment $4,400
Yoga Alliance Accreditation – 200 hours

Location – Warrior One Yoga | 228 Beach Rd, Mordialloc 3195
Transport – There is parking around the studio and also Mordialloc Train Station which just a 2 minute walk from the studio.

There is a $1000 deposit required to secure your place on the training course. Payment plans are available.

What to bring

  • Yoga mat (We will have Manduka mats at the studio which you’re welcome to use)
  • Required 5 x books in kindle or hard copy
  • Note book and pen (Laptop or iPad if you prefer)
  • Water bottle
  • A yummy packed lunch and snacks (just a suggestion as there are also food options near the studio)
  • An open heart and a desire to learn!

What we will provide

  • 200 hour Teacher Training Manual
  • 20% off class packs for the duration of your training
  • 10% off workshops for the duration of your training
  • All the teachings, juicy information, support and mentoring
  • Love and dedication to help you become the best you can be


INTAKE #2 July – November  2022

Week 1 – Fri 15, Sat 16, Sun 17 July
Week 2 – Fri 5, Sat 6, Sun 7 August
Week 3 – Fri 26, Sat 27, Sun 28 August
Week 4 – Fri 9, Sat 10, Sun 11 September
Week 5 – Fri 7, Sat 8, Sun 9 October
Week 6 – Fri 21, Sat 22, Sun 23 October
Week 7 – Fri 11, Sat 12, Sun 13 November
Week 8 – Fri 18, Sat 19, Sun 20 November

Friday – 6pm to 9pm
Saturday – 8am to 6.30pm
Sunday – 8am to 5pm

If you would like to know more about the course please contact us on 9596 5401 or email


Functional Anatomy of Yoga – by David Keil
The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali – by Chip Hartranft
Your Body Your Yoga – Bernie Clark
The Miracle of Mindfulness – Thich Nhat Hanh
Bhagavad Gita: A new translation by Stephen Mitchell

*Please note that you don’t have to read these books before the training begins, although extra yogi bonus points if you do! You will need to have all 5 listed above as we will be referring to them throughout the training.


The Untethered Soul – by Michael Singer
The Roll Model – Jill Miller
Trail Guide to the Body 5th Edition – Andrew Biel
The Power Of Now – Eckhard Tolle

*These are books we refer to in our own teaching so we wanted to pass them onto you. They have amazing content for the practice however they are of course optional to purchase.



Nataraj has led retreats, workshops, kirtans, and has directed yoga and meditation teacher training programs throughout the world for over 15 years. After beginning a daily meditation and yoga practice at the age of 13, Nataraj immersed himself in the teachings of yoga and tantra and at the age of 16, began to share these nectarean teachings with his students. He has inspired countless seekers to take up a spiritual practice and has dedicated his life to bringing the wisdom of yoga to everyday life. His love of teaching is evident in the enthusiastic and devotional manner in which he leads his classes. He strives to create environments and experiences where people from all walks of life can directly contact the fullness of their own Being.



Amy is passionate about creating an inclusive and encouraging space for you to unlock your potential, find your confidence and connect to the authentic teacher within. She will be guiding you through teachings of yoga, pranayama, meditation and intentional sequencing, empowering you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to find your own authentic voice and teach purposeful, creative and impactful classes.

“I believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, creativity, and free of judgement. These values inform and guide my core teachings and practices. I’ve always been passionate about music and movement. After working an office job in music marketing and promotions, I left the 9-5 to go travelling. When I arrived back home in Sydney, I fell into a job at a local gym and began teaching pilates and group fitness classes. It was during that time I found a passion in empowering people to feel good through music and movement. 

Everything shifted when I moved to Melbourne and discovered yoga. It taught me self discipline and self care, and helped forge a deeper connection to myself that I didn’t realise was possible. This practice is pure magic, and I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you.” – Amy



Nat is extremely passionate about helping you feel embodied and empowered in your yoga practice. With a strong anatomy and movement background, Nat will teach you the tools to help you unlock different physical aspects of your practice, while delving into the more subtle layers. Through self development and progress you will gain the skills as a confident yoga teacher and yoga practitioner.

“As a former dancer and cheerleader I have always had a passion for movement and teaching. In my 20’s I experimented with a number of different careers; Myotherapist, Dance & Cheer coach/studio owner, Secondary School Teacher… and that’s to just name a few! Due to Dance & Cheer I started to develop injuries and therefore was searching for something that would heal my body but also my mind. After my first yoga class, I was hooked. Since finding yoga, my life has been transformed on many levels. I am incredibly grateful to lead you on this yoga path and share my story and teachings with you.” – Nat

Why everyone loves our training course

“Everything about this course is amazing. Nat, Amy and Heidi all had something so unique to offer in everything they taught us. Their devotion to yoga and sharing their knowledge was refreshing and inspiring. We learnt about so many different aspects of yoga which enabled me not only to become a yoga teacher, but a better person all round. I loved the way each module was laid out and organised; they were very easy to follow and absorb. I am so glad I did this course, it was worth every cent… this knowledge will be relevant for many lifetimes!” – Ruby

“Completing my YTT training with Warrior One has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only do I feel confident in my yoga teaching ability, but I have grown as a person SOOOO MUCH! The beautiful, knowledgeable and welcoming warrior one team share so much profound wisdom, which really touches your heart and opens your mind. They hold space for so much growth, love and compassion, that at the end of the training, you find you have the skills to be an epic yoga teacher, as well as have a new yoga family. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness. Thank you for believing in me.” – Jess Richardson 

“It has been a truly invaluable learning experience which I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be guided by such nurturing, passionate, focused and highly committed teachers to whom I look as an example to follow, a constant inspiration for me. They are always there to share their incredible expertise with you, encouraging, supporting and guiding students with faith and confidence, providing them with accurate, precise and deep knowledge of what the yoga practice and philosophy are. The studio where the YTT is held is stunning and the organization at the highest level. I would highly recommend Warrior One Yoga YTT to anyone wanting to become a teacher or simply deepen their understanding of yoga in order to find their path and “dharma”…you will laugh, you will cry, you will be challenged both mentally and physically but you will soon realize that Warrior One YTT is an eye opening, enlightened and transformational experience that you will be always grateful for.” – Martina Tanzi

“The best course I’ve ever done! It has helped in so many ways and much more than I ever could imagine! The information and the way it’s given has been amazing as it’s helped with realisation on different levels each weekend. The content, the flows and meditation has awakened so much within and ignited a sense of calm, presence and joy that I haven’t felt in so long. The course has helped me to be kind to myself, be present and also let go of the past and heal from emotional trauma. This training I have found my voice, my truth and learned to just be in the moment and be vulnerable. You have done a phenomenal job and you guys are such an awesome team, an inspiration and your energy is infectious. Namaste.” – Claudia Domancie

“On Day 1 of my Yoga teacher training I stepped into the Warrior One Mordialloc Studio for the first time, I was feeling extremely nervous, intimidated, and completely excited for what lie ahead. By the end of our first weekend together, I couldn’t believe the magic that had just spread itself into our souls, we had started to become our very own little yoga family. Two months later Covid hit us all, hard, and the legends of WO rose up and beyond, took the restrictions and drastic changes in their stride. They kept our heads above water and got us over the finish line, even when all signs were saying otherwise. We stuck together as a tribe, and it was by far the most testing, most heart filling experience, despite having to complete the rest of the course online, and I can not wait to move forward and help spread that magic on to others.” – Phoebe Spalding

“Epic training! I have so much love for everybody I met during this amazing 6 months, both fellow yogis and teachers. For myself it’s by far been the most positive and life changing experience I have ever been through and I don’t say that lightly. Although our YTT was done during a time of uncertainty and isolation (COVID) we didn’t just receive tools to learn how to weather the storm, we all learned how to dance in the rain! And to top it off we all now get the ability to share what we have learned with the rest of world as a new career. Forever grateful”Daniel Emery

“I entered the Warrior One 200 Yoga Teacher Training with the intention to delve deeper into the vastness that is yoga and the Yoga lifestyle. What I have discovered, explored and uncovered in this short period has been life changing, expansive, and inspiring. I have learnt more about myself, the world and the practice than I had expected. For this I am eternally grateful. Learning from the WO team and my peers, has opened my mind and given me a new appreciation for life. I will forever be learning and growing with purpose and intention – for this I say Thank You!” – Marie Williams

The journey I took on my 200HR YTT with Warrior One allowed me to dive deep into the richness of the practice as it was beautifully shared by Dustin, Monica and Nova. (With some very special guest yogis along the way). It facilitated the start of a deep healing on exploring “I am enough”.  I feel honoured to have threaded breath to movement along side a sangha that will forever be a part of my heart and life. Be careful this training WILL change your life. Rayne Watkin

“The Warrior One YTT was the most incredible journey! Dustin, Monica and Nova shared their knowledge and wisdom with such great love and passion. Everything was taught with such great  intention and detail, every module was seamlessly planned and presented.  I didn’t start wanting to teach, however after this journey I can’t wait to share all that I have learned with the world! I would recommend this YTT for everyone!!” – Alison Mayfield

“Yoga Teacher Training had been a dream of mine for many years. To walk such a profound journey with incredible teachers has been life changing. I have made life long connections with my fellow tribe as we shared so much love, sweat and tears.  To come out of the other side of YTT with Warrior One I feel extremely proud and ready to share my love and learning of yoga with the world.” – Jaime Marino 

“I feel incredibly blessed to have undertaken Vinyasa YTT with the WO tribe (teachers and students). At all stages I felt supported and encouraged. I was challenged physically, mentally and spiritually during the training which allowed me to grow in my own practice, as a teacher and as a human. THANK YOU!!” – Freya Bennett-Overstall

“After competing and practicing martial arts for 5+ years, I took up yoga in 2016 to try and fix my body be broken all the time (I loved it straight away).  At the beginning of 2018, I was looking to throw myself into something new and challenge myself. I wanted to show others how much yoga could benefit them to like it did to me.  While researching here I was going to do my YTT, the WOYTT course came up and with Dustin’s background (in jiu jitsu), it was a no brainer SIGN ME UP! It has been more than I could’ve ever imagined, soul searching, advancing my practice, building confidence and meeting some amazing yogis.” – Nick Metcalfe


Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Once you’ve made your deposit, we are able to set up monthly payments that are finalised before the commencement of the course.

What if I haven't practiced yoga consistently or for very long?

Your yoga practice is nothing to stress about. We have students of all levels and all walks of life join us for our teacher training. Many students join for different reasons, each one just as valid as the next. It’s not so much about how much preparation goes into your practice before the training, it’s more about making the space during the training for you to absorb as much as possible and to be consistent and dedicated in your approach. That way you really get the most out of your teacher training experience and learn to be truly present in all you do both on and off the mat. This is just the beginning of your journey and we’ve got your back!

What if I don’t want to be a yoga teacher?

No problem! Our training is carefully designed for those who want to deepen their practice as well as for those students who wish to become teachers themselves.

As a student you will develop your own practice, you’ll learn a lot about yoga, you’ll meet epic like minded friends, and you’ll have a deep personal growth and fulfilment. You will receive a teaching certificate at the end, but it is your choice about what you do with it. Maybe you decide to teach or maybe not, just know the choice is completely yours.

What are the hours of study/commitment per week?

You will receive a homework handout at the end of each weekend we meet. The recommended hours of study outside of the assigned weekends are 3 to 5 hours of study per week and working towards practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathwork) every day.

There is written test halfway through the course to check in and see how you are tracking as well as a written and practical test to complete the final weekend together.

What kind of topics or content will we cover?

Our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance® accredited training will delve deep into philosophy, asana, sequencing, pranayama, anatomy, meditation and business.

The training framework and length allows you to ingest and digest the full yogic experience. Each weekend session (module) will include a variety of topics interwoven from those below. This makes classes less “compartmentalized,” keeps you from sitting through hours of lecture at a time, continuously reinforces what you have already learned, and allows for activities that appeal to your style of learning.

Subjects Include:

TECHNIQUES, TRAINING & PRACTICE – Asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra — training in how to teach and practice the techniques and guided practices of the techniques themselves. You’ll dive deep into the classical alignment of fundamental yoga poses, and gain an in-depth understanding of the classical yogic techniques to advance your own practice and leave ready to progress from student to teacher.

This module includes class practices for vinyasa, yin, yoga tune up, prenatal, acro yoga, partner yoga and multi-level classes; yoga energetics & philosophy; chanting, mantra, pranayama, meditation, sanskrit, ayurveda, sequencing, modifications, assisting and adjusting students.

TEACHING METHODOLOGY –  From sequencing, demonstrating and adjusting to language, cueing and vocal projection, you’ll uncover a range of teaching styles and techniques to guide students on how to move their bodies. You’ll also learn to find your own authentic voice in the classroom.

Practices include; Methods of assisting, adjusting and correcting asana, including verbal, visual, and hands-on; using class themes; pose sequencing; modifications, cueing (using Sanskrit, bandhas and props); teaching to different styles of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY – Includes both physical anatomy & physiology, and energy anatomy & physiology. You’ll learn how to understand different student bodies, and how muscles and joints work in yoga in practical lessons. You’ll build an understanding of how the practice affects our physical and energetic bodies, including the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, circulatory system and respiratory system.

Practices include; Asana labs, application of anatomy, experiencing the anatomy as students move, injury prevention and modifications for special populations, observing movement and alignment in others, assisting and adjusting, connections between breath, body, mind (pranayama, asana, spirit).

YOGA PHILOSOPHY, LIFESTYLE & ETHICS FOR YOGA TEACHERS – You’ll discover the roots of yoga and its evolution in the Western world, and how to practice yoga in our lives today far beyond the mat for a life of health, happiness and purpose.

Practices include;

8 Limbs of Yoga
4 Paths/Schools of Yoga
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Bhagavad Gita
History of the asanas
Chakras, Ayurveda, Meditation
Theming classes using yoga philosophy
Business of Yoga
Community service

THE BUSINESS OF YOGA – You’ll be guided through the principles of how to create a private business teaching yoga, and how to get started if you’re interested to own your own studio or create your own business.

Practices include; How to begin, Yoga CV, the industry landscape, networking, community, creating a business plan, social media, marketing and advertising.

INTEGRATIVE PRACTICE AND TEACHING – Learn by doing! By practicing teaching your fellow students, you’ll have plenty of invaluable opportunities to practice as you learn in a safe, encouraging learning environment and hone your teaching skills with advice and personal feedback.

Practices include; Preparing class plans, teaching classes to the others, incorporating Sanskrit, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, chanting, mantra, pranayama, meditation, props, philosophy, safety for students, and learning styles into teaching, assisting, researching and theming classes to support asana with yoga philosophy.

Is there capacity to makeup a class if I miss a weekend?

100% attendance is preferred however life can sometimes interfere so we have a few strategies to keep you on track!

We live stream and record the weekends via Zoom. This is in place to support you if you’re feeling unwell or can’t make a weekend/session.

We also implement a buddy system, so if you miss a class your buddy can provide you with notes and any materials.

There is also a private Facebook group we will add you to, which allows you to approach anyone in the YTT for help including our facilitators.

Are there amenities at the studio?

Yes, our Mordy studio is a yogi haven! We have lush rain showers, change rooms and toilets. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch or there are plenty of yummy places to eat and drink nearby on Main St, Mordy.

We also provide all the yogi props! Our Mordialloc studio has everything you need including Manduka Pro Mats, bolsters, blankets, Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls and other nifty probs.

You are more than welcome to bring any props / cushions to make each visit as comfortable as possible during the training.

Where can I park?

There is a lot of all day free parking within walking distance of the studio, just be sure to check the signs for clearways!

Mordialloc train station is also just a 2 minute walk from the studio.


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