Turn Up and Tune Up®

Did you know that the first teachings of yoga were transcribed on delicate palm leaves? It’s hard to believe that the development of this historic practice can be traced back over 5,000 years ago! Not many sports have similar histories full of vibrant innovation and cultural influence. Experiencing yoga allows you to join the millions of others in the last centuries that have sought spiritual and physical revival. In many ways, it’s an honour to be a part of a yoga community and learn the fundamental yoga facets that have been established over an extensive period of time.

Despite it’s age, yoga continues to grow and broaden in many ways. Here at Warrior One Brighton we offer a particularly modern style of yoga known as Yoga Tune Up® . If you haven’t been to one of Dustin’s Tune Up® classes yet, imagine an integration of yoga poses, corrective exercises and self-massage that aims to heal and strengthen your body. “We owe it to ourselves to do a regular Yoga Tune Up®. It’s just like tuning up your car or upgrading your software. It’s a necessity for our bodies,” Dustin says.

Hailing from California, Yoga Tune Up® was originally created by Jill Miller and focuses on the three P’s: pain, posture and performance. With over 28 years of education in fitness and yoga therapy, Jill’s innovative style has turner into a worldwide phenomenon! The essential objective of the YTU® style is to locate your body’s blind spots that are the catalysts for pain, injury and discomfort. Whether you’re working at a desk for eight hours a day or training for a marathon, everyday wear and tear takes a huge toll on your body. The Tune Up® method teaches that deep conditions of pain are often caused by smaller problem points in the body that go ignored. We forget to pay attention to the warning signs our bodies are sending, and this will only lead to further damage and pain! Utilising movement as a method of healing helps to assess the problem points in the body and introduce techniques to reduce the negative movement patterns that cause stress on the muscles.

So what should you expect from a YTU® class you ask? The unique aspect of self-massage is what separates Tune Up® from traditional yoga streams. At WO Brighton Dustin incorporates the use of YTU® balls into the session, which allows you to literally roll out your muscles. A good roll out is perfect for calming the nervous system, getting your blood flowing and achieving alignment within your body. Self-massage is an amazing tool for healing as it stimulates energy, detoxifies your skin and promotes relaxation. “Simply starting with a 5 to 10 minute practice every day is something that will transform your body and your life,” says Dustin.

“The best thing about Yoga Tune Up® is the ability to educate yourself on how to heal your body. Learning how to heal and prevent injury is so important and extremely empowering. I was always injured through training and Jiu Jitsu or just pushing my body to extremes; even working long hours or sitting in a car for long periods of time can effect your body negatively. After discovering YTU®, I now rarely go to the physio, chiropractor, osteo or any other practitioner. I have learnt about my body and how to release it.”

Yoga Tune Up® isn’t designed for super yogis or just beginners, it’s for anyone who feels the need to rejuvenate and heal their body from stress, pain and exhaustion. Check out the WO website for more information about our Tune Up classes and book your mat with Dustin today! Or why not take advantage of our Winter Warrior Challenge and get one month of unlimited yoga for $199? Challenge yourself and feel better mentally and physically, let your body be the proof!

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