Time FLOWS when you’re having fun!

As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. Hours tick into days, days transform into weeks and weeks soon become an entire year – all quite often in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it would be a relief to have a pause button simply to catch your breath! But if there’s one thing that the delicate speed of time can teach us, it’s this: dream big. Set your intention and do all that you can to make it a reality. Each day is a gift that allows us to strive forward, to utilise the tools in our arsenal and grasp our ambitions. Anything is achievable with a little bit of hard work, a touch of gratitude and a whole lot of love.
As we welcome in the New Year with open arms we celebrate the 2015 milestones also! It’s unbelievable to think that at the start of 2015 the doors to the WO studio were yet to open. And now, what truly feels like a lifetime later, we have an entire tribe of OMazing yogis who quite literally bring our little yoga sanctuary to life. The vibrant, pure and relentless energy that each of our clients’ present gives Warrior One a strong purpose to provide a yoga practice that is utterly unique from anything else that you’ve previously experienced. Our intention all along has been to flow, evolve and unite, and sharing that with an inspiring community of people is truly a blessing. This last year has been a relentless and dynamic journey filled with progression, laughter and friendship; 2015 has been jam-packed with exciting moments! From our first Mindful Movement event with Lululemon, the Wanderlust Festival on the Sunshine Coast, to the glorious experience of the Vikasa Yoga retreat and the magical beauty of Aro Ha – it’s been anything but boring!

As time continues to tick away, we welcome the New Year with a brand new list of intentions to set. Funnily enough, a study published in the Consciousness and Cognition journal actually revealed that regular mindfulness meditation could improve our sensitivity to time. Although you may feel as though the days are disappearing faster than ever, it turns out we simply aren’t paying enough attention to them! Since mindfulness stimulates our attention and memory capacity, meditating can increase our perception of time duration, ultimately slowing things down! So if you agree with us that time is just slipping away all too fast, there’s never been a better excuse to MEDITATE MORE! With that said, all of us here at Warrior One would like to sincerely thank our yogi tribe who have joined us on this journey so far – it simply wouldn’t be WO without you!


Warrior One Yoga is more than just a yoga studio; it is the most amazing little oasis of love, light and bliss. Whether you are a first time yogi or a tribe regular, Nova, Dustin and Ninja make you feel so welcome and at home that you may never want to leave! I’ve practiced at many yoga studios and this is by far the best; my first class with had me hooked. It is the perfect way to challenge and nourish not only your body but your soul too. Since joining WOY, I’ve learnt not only how to improve my practice but how to heal my body, bring loving kindness to other areas of my life and be truly present. I really look forward to my time on the mat and it’s always the best part of my day. The team at WOY have helped me to become the best version of myself and for that I’m so grateful! 

  • Karen

It’s a rare breed of yoga teacher who can manage to challenge you physically, ground you emotionally and have you walking out of every class feeling the endorphins of a workout with the zen of a long meditation (or massage!). Dustin and the Warrior One Yoga crew manage to do just that – each class is fresh, rejuvenating and inspiring. You never get bored as they challenge you to try new arm balances and inversions in the more dynamic classes, while never losing sight of the mindfulness that is at the heart of yoga. 

  • Kim

Since my first class 2 months ago I’ve had nothing but the best experience possible that has had me hooked solidly for 2 months and more to come it feels like.

The welcoming nature of Nova and Dustin is something that I felt straight from the outset and is definitely present in the entire yoga studio, couple that with other amazing instructors who are all as amazing as Nova and Dustin, and I challenge anyone not to enjoy their time spent with Warrior One.

I have nothing but praise and thanks for the Tribe at Warrior One as it has also made me feel amazing in not only my body, but my mind and my spirit in a way I hadn’t previously considered possible and is constantly growing as I continue to develop and improve my practice through the opportunity they provide.

  • Sebastian

I absolutely love the yoga experience at Warrior One. I had not been practicing yoga for a year as I was going through cancer treatment so was feeling a bit nervous about going to a new yoga studio.  However I needn’t have worried as the minute I walked in Nova’s big smile made me feel so welcome!

The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed not just from Nova, Dustin and Ninja but from all the other yogi’s too! The classes are perfectly an hour long and Dustin’s teaching style and sense of humor make each lesson thoroughly enjoyable.  I feel fab and motivated after each class. I love Warrior One and truly believe that these guys have created something very special.

  • Nicole

From the very moment I walked through the doors of Warrior One, I knew I had found my Melbourne yoga home away from my home studio in NYC. There is a very unique and special feeling when the values and message of the yoga studio, teachers, and community that practice there all feel aligned with your own values and goals. As a certified yoga teacher, I find it imperative to not only have a strong self-practice, but to consistently and regularly show up for classes and BE the student. My experience as the student at Warrior One has been incredible. Each class has been different and unique, challenging yet nurturing and most importantly, safe. To feel safe in yoga class is most important to me, and immediately felt as though I could challenge myself in a safe environment. I leave each class feeling inspired about my own practice, and bursting with new ideas for teaching my own classes. Whether it’s the intentions being set on the mat, the breath that flows so fully or the alignment focused physical practice; I always leave Warrior One with a sense of happiness and ease. Becoming part of the tribe has created a new sense of belonging in Australia that was missing before finding Warrior One. I am incredibly grateful to Dustin and Nova for creating a space that feels so welcoming and warm and to Ninja for the cuddles before and after class.

  • Beth

“Each time I descend the stairs into the WO studio, I leave behind the world outside.  It is my time not only to practice but also challenge my confidence and strength.  Time slips by so quickly, and as I once again ascend the stairs I am thankful for the encouragement I received to nurture my own wellbeing” 

  • Jenny

“A bespoke and beautiful experience. At every interaction, I’ve felt valued as a client and genuinely cared for. Each class is unique and tailored, enabling me to incrementally grow my practice in a supportive, fun and friendly environment. I often arrive feeling tired and run down and leave feeling energised and calm. Thank you WO – you are (one class at a time) changing my life!”

  • Tammy

I’d only ever taken a handful of yoga classes when I wandered in to Warrior One hoping to find an activity to keep me fit through the winter when jogging along bay is just not fun. But that is not what I found.

Taking my mat for the first time in Dustin’s class, I found myself a little nervous and wondering whether I was cut out for this. I mean I can’t even get my feet flat in downward dog! But as the class went on, Dustin’s guidance and continuous tips for minor adjustments laid the foundation for my inner yogi to emerge.

I found that my inner yogi had very little to do with my ability to execute each asana in its full expression. It had far more to do with a willingness to challenge my mind and my body with full presence every time I hit the mat. And here I found a studio that supported where I was and encouraged me to reach for more – for my own ongoing practice as opposed to the performance of the perfect handstand scorpion.

And in my ongoing practice I also found a community of committed yogis. Whether it’s Dustin pulling some crazy how-does-he-do-that asana; or Nova checking how I am as she checks me in; or my fellow yogis chit chatting about the best acai bowl in town; or a friend with a hug and the promise of coffee afterwards; or just Ninja making us laugh by nailing the PERFECT puppy pose – the Warrior One tribe is friendly, inclusive and inspiring.

So I didn’t find a fitness activity here. I found a nurturing practice in strength and flexibility for my mind, body and spirit. And the best bit is – there’s no end point in yoga. The more I give my practice, the more it gives me.

  • Rachel

The Warrior One studio is such a beautiful space it is a pleasure to practice there.  The team is fabulous. Dustin is incredibly passionate & dedicated to yoga and clearly loves sharing his knowledge with others.  I love starting my day at Warrior One!

  • Carla

“I love coming to classes at Warrior One. Dustin Brown is a truly gifted teacher and my yoga practice is developing in ways I didn’t think possible. There’s something for practitioners of all levels, but I also appreciate the way Dustin breaks down difficult poses and gets everyone trying new things or playing around with fun variations. There’s a huge amount of variety in every class and plenty of challenging stuff. But best of all – I always leave feeling amazing.”

  • Naomi

Warrior One is just like my own, personal yoga sanctuary. As a teacher it is so wonderful to practice at a studio none of my students attend. A place where I can just focus on my own yoga. It’s a beautiful, calm studio where I can relax and be supported, challenged and nurtured in a safe environment by interesting, professional and fun teachers. I just love it. Don’t tell anyone, but after trying out Warrior One on a 3-class pass I swapped a studio I have practiced at for over 5 years for Warrior One! 

Keep doing whatya doin’ – its kinda awesome!

  • Donna

I walked into Warrior One roughly six months ago and could not touch my toes, and at the time that was my perspective of yoga. To be perfectly honest the whole mumbo jumbo of inner strength was all a bit silly to me- boy oh boy how my perspective has changed, and my naivety for having that frame of mind now seems crazy! 

It would be safe to say I am a different person now, to the one I was walking into the studio six months ago. Prior to starting at Warrior One I was riddled with anxiety, it plagued my daily life and I would go to bed at night with my mind racing at a million miles an hour. Since becoming a member of the tribe at Warrior One I have morphed into an entirely different person. I have found what is my medicine for anxiety and have been reaping the rewards ever since. No longer do I view yoga as merely touching ones toes; now I understand what it is to find mindfulness! I have never been happier, stronger, or more enlightened.

I walk into warrior one each and every day to be greeted by the OMazing Nova and Dustin and all that they have built their studio to represent. By becoming a tribe member at Warrior One I have without a doubt become a better version of myself – oh and with it I can now also touch my toes!

  • Georgie

BOOM – After taking a five-year break from yoga I’ve re-discovered my passion thanks to Warrior One. Dustin, Nova and all the instructors are so compassionate, patient and supportive I find myself in a class up to 6 times a week – and love it. And it’s not just yoga – I’m learning things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected.

Going through my daily life I find myself thinking about the things I learned during my yoga practice. Things like my breathing, posture, letting go of things I can’t control and living in the present moment. Physically yoga has helped tremendously with my flexibility and strength.

Because of the mix of class and the amazing mix of instructors – they truly are the best in Melbourne – my journey is ongoing and always changing with every yoga practice. I love the fact that I feel better at 55 than I did at 45 (and probably 35 too). I can’t recommend Warrior One more highly!

  • Peter

Warrior One Yoga is a divine space, created by the divine yogi’s Nova and Dustin. It has some of THE best teachers in Melbourne (including Mr Warrior One Yoga himself, Dustin) so I know that each class is going to be exactly what I need.  I walk away totally re-balanced, re-blissed and re-wired with nothing but good vibes. I am challenged, educated, inspired, guided and supported in every class. The beautiful space is so welcoming and chilled out that it is just too easy to feel at home before and after class too. A total haven that completely nourishes my devotion and passion for Yoga. What a yoga studio should be!

  • Asher
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