The Story Of Us

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

– Nelson Mandela

The name Warrior One came about not because it’s the name of a strong yoga pose but because we believe that in yoga you are One Warrior on the mat. You are only there for yourself, autonomously searching to strengthen your mind and body. Yoga offers you independence as a solo warrior and acts as an abundant source of inner-peace and healing. It is primarily a safe environment where you can learn to connect with yourself on a deeper spiritual level. Although yoga is a self-governing experience, our aim at WO Brighton has always been to unite each individual on their yoga journey as a strong and compassionate community. Over the last few months we have had the pleasure of meeting so many passionate and determined people at the studio, and Dustin and I feel rewarded to see our yoga tribe continuing to grow in enthusiasm and numbers. Considering we have gotten to know so many of you, we feel it is our turn to share a little about ourselves and the story behind Warrior One Brighton – the story of us.

Dustin grew up in Kauai, Hawaii. A keen surfer from the age of 3, Dustin has always had a passion for sports and lives an extremely active lifestyle. At 23, he was living the LA lifestyle in Los Angeles when he had a very bad skateboarding accident, resulting with him shattering the bones in his lower legs (the tibia and fibula). Doctors told him he would probably never walk again let alone surf. However, he ignored his prognosis and determinedly sought treatment for his injuries. It was an agonising and long recovery spanning over 12 months, but finally after a year of rehab he slowly regained full function of his legs. Dustin’s injury and recovery is what urged him to get away from the negative influences in his life and to travel overseas to pursue his love for surfing. Of course, he just happened to end up in Australia!

Dustin was traveling around the country as a professional free surfer when we met 10 years ago. We quickly fell in love and were married within 7 months. We had intended to move back to the USA however it never happened. Dustin built a life here, falling in love with his new home in Melbourne and building a community of amazing people. Moving a few hours away from good surf meant he was on the hunt for new sporting passions. He soon found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and dedicated all his time to the martial art, training and competing nationally and internationally. He has won world titles and his medal collection is extremely impressive. He is a BJJ Black Belt Athlete and now teaches his own team of fighters from the ages of 5 – 60. He has made a very strong name for himself in the martial arts industry.

Yoga came about after I fell in love with the practice and begged him to try it too. I knew very well how much he would love it and how much it would compliment his Jiu-Jitsu and surfing. He eventually came to a class with me and his obsession for yoga was born! As an athlete Dustin saw the incredible benefits of the practice and his misconception that yoga was ‘easy’ and only for girls completely changed. He realised how physically and mentally challenging yoga can be and instantly felt a change in his body. He started a daily yoga practice and said he would go every day for 60 days to see the results. Well, it has now been 6 years and he hasn’t stopped practicing daily! He has already completed three different yoga teacher trainings and many yoga immersions.

Practicing yoga together completely changed our relationship too. We had already been together for nearly 5 years but this brought a new perspective, a new love, and a new understanding of one another and ourselves. We practiced every morning together, always ending in Savasana holding hands. I owe my thanks to yoga, as I believe it’s a huge contributor to why we are so in love after 10 years of marriage. Yoga makes you look inside yourself and be raw and honest in your mind and body. I often say I feel the happiest when I am on the yoga mat. I feel calm and at peace with who I am. I know Dustin feels the same. Spirituality is also a huge part of yoga and has become something we constantly learn and talk about.

We have traveled quite a bit over that last 10 years and love visiting yoga retreats and ashrams. We have practiced all over the world in places like Bali, Thailand, Italy and Greece just to name a few. After completing a yoga teacher training together in Thailand the idea of opening our own yoga studio became evident and were certain this was right path. We came back from our teacher training feeling connected and completely enlightened and motivated to share our passion.

Having always wanted our own business, we aimed to create a boutique space enabling students to progress and grow in a safe and friendly environment. We were simply driven to create something spiritual, rewarding and positive. For many people, life and work can often be very demanding and to witness how the benefits of practicing yoga impact each individual is extremely rewarding. It is a humbling feeling to know you’re helping others, and we love to be surrounded by the positive energy and good vibes the WO Brighton generates. Together, Dustin and I have created a space we love to be in every day and are continuing to build a beautiful community of like-minded people.

The bigger picture is for Warrior One to become a household name in the yoga world and to be nationally and internationally recognised. We love travel and plan to schedule multiple yoga and surf retreats every year, combining our passions for travel, beautiful destinations, yoga, surfing, beaches, sun and good food. To dream even bigger, we would love to run yoga events and festivals to bring people together.

Our mantra – Create a life you love!


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