Spend a Day with us in the Yarra Valley

You don’t need to take a week away from work and life to get the benefits of a retreat. One of our favourite ways to reset is to spend one day focused on health, yoga, and community. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on Sunday September 10th and we hope you’ll join us. So what can you expect from this one day retreat with Dustin Brown and Chris Dixon at the beautiful Amarant Retreat?

You’ll get a chance to move and rejuvenate your body

Over the course of the day you’ll be guided through a slow flow with Dustin as well as a restorative yin practice with Chris. The slow flow will allow you to find flexibility and mobility through movement. But then later in the day you’ll get the chance to completely surrender into deep long holds with the restorative yin practice. Both of these classes will also help you quiet down the mind and find more mental rest at the same time.

You’ll get to restore your energy levels with organic produce

One of the great advantages of retreats is that someone else does the cooking. Over the whole day you’ll enjoy organic juice and a light breakfast followed by an organic vegetarian lunch, with a healthy afternoon tea to keep you going through to dinner once you arrive home. You won’t be hungry but the healthy meals will enable you to feel able to move and breathe comfortably.

Your mind will get just as much healing as the body

 While you’re holding your deep yin stretches you’ll also get the benefits of sound healing. This can really help to rejuvenate and calm the system without you having to do anything at all. Plus there will be a guided pranayama (breathing) and meditation session to help you find a little more stillness and peace.

Yarra Valley Retreat Sunday September 10th | 9am-5pm | Investment $325 | Book now

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