Heroes of the Online Superfood World

“The problem with the internet is that it gives you everything – reliable material and crazy material. So the problem becomes, how do you discriminate?”
– Umberto Eco

Let’s face it; the great diet debate seems to be growing in numbers and complexity every day. Whether you’re on the paleo bandwagon, support an honest vegan lifestyle or suffer from an intolerance, the sort of food we put into our bodies’ seems to be changing. The current health movement that’s sweeping the globe is no doubt influenced by the popularity of social media.

Health blogs are readily available to access online and offer support, inspiration and knowledge for individuals on a journey toward better health. But perhaps you’ve heard of the recent controversy surrounding Belle Gibson’s ‘The Whole Pantry’? The Aussie health icon went from being an awarded health blogger and survivor of cancer, to a shunned con-artist in a matter of days. Belle’s ability to fool hundreds of thousands of people with an online profile and even swindle her way into publishing a book is an example of the faith we invest into these health accounts as a community.

So the question is, who can you trust? This is a matter that comes down to personal opinion and preference, but don’t let The Whole Pantry scandal cause you to boycott food and lifestyle blogs all together! There’s a whole stream of Instagram and Facebook accounts out there dedicated to documenting alternative food practices. They can be extremely handy when exploring your own physical health requirements by providing insight into what works for other every-day people.

Searching for a reliable food/lifestyle blog? First, start by looking for authenticity. Bloggers who allege to have ‘overcome’ something (as we learned with Belle Gibson’s claim to have beaten a brain tumour by eating whole foods) tend to be placing high stakes on the validity of the information they provide. Unless it’s backed by scientific evidence, all bloggers are only depicting a mere reflection of their lifestyle. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that mimicking what you see on a popular Instagram account can ultimately cure you of certain ailments. Instead, look for a blog with a genuine face behind the profile. Someone with a qualification is even better such as a dietician, nutritionist or doctor. Their posts should be realistic, personal and something you can connect with on an intimate level. Here’s a couple of our favourite blogs that offer an honest, down-to-earth and practical guide to a healthier lifestyle.

Apples Under My Bed: Heidi Sze

Heidi is an Accredited Practising Dietician and Accredited Nutritionist from the Mornington Peninsula. Her Instagram account @heidiapples is jam-packed with photos of wholesome, delicious foods that will surely have you racing to the kitchen to try out some new recipes. Heidi’s strong focus on organic, local and nourishing produce reflects her belief in eating everything in moderation, even – according to her website – blueberry pie! Spend some time perusing her recipe archive and travel experiences and gain some homely inspiration on how to tidy up your lifestyle the hearty way.

Green Kitchen Stories: David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl

Oh, the Green Kitchen Stories blog is simply marvellous. David and Luise, along with their two children Elsa and Isac, are based in Stockholm and create beautiful vegetarian food. However, it’s not just beautiful, but healthy too! Together they lead a balanced vegetarian lifestyle that incorporates whole grains, good fats, organic produce and loads of fruit and veggies. The blog and Instagram accounts (@luisegreenkitchenstories and @gkstories) are a detailed insight into the life of this little Swedish family, even documenting their recent trip to Australia and New Zealand. Luise has a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and David has been a dedicated vegetarian for fifteen years, so it’s safe to say they know all there is about the good old veggo lifestyle.

Lastly, who could forget the Loving Earth website and blog? Based in Melbourne, this local business is really setting the bar in the sale of organic, sustainable produce and superfoods. As well as being undeniable masterminds in the creation of raw organic chocolate, Loving Earth sells a huge range of different products all with the sustainability tick of approval. Stay tuned this week to read an interview with Loving Earth and gain some insight into their health and environmental philosophy!


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