Considering a Yoga Teacher Training?

We’re very excited to be running our inaugural 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2018. Dustin, Nova, and the teaching tribe at Warrior One will be guiding a small group of students through a training program that is carefully designed for students who want to deepen their practice as well as for those students who wish to become teachers themselves. The course will dive deep into philosophy, asana (the poses), sequencing, pranayama (breathing), anatomy, meditation, business, and a whole lot more. The trainings include two intakes in 2018; a 1 month intensive OR 6 x weekend immersions over a 6-month period to fit in with your lifestyle.

This training will leave you with the ability to teach others, if that’s something that you want. But becoming a teacher isn’t the only reason to undertake a teacher training. The benefits of a training are far beyond the qualifications that you leave with.

Whether you think you want to become a teacher, or not, here are some of the best things to come out of a yoga teacher training course.

Your own practice changes and develops, dramatically

When you undergo a teacher training, you learn a lot about the poses themselves – how we keep our body safe and aligned in each shape, the energetics of poses, and what the poses do for our body. Once you start to understand the poses on a deeper level, you start to move into them in new ways. Whether you develop a deeper body awareness making them approachable or you understand where you’ve created habits in your practice, making the simplest of shapes very hard all of a sudden, the way you approach poses will shift.

In addition to this, your ‘practice’ whether that’s physical, or more about breathing or meditation, or even how you interact with the world can shift just as dramatically. A lot of us begin with a physical practice and a training highlights that there’s so much more to learn and experience. Whether it’s learning how the yogi interact with others and how they treat themselves, or leaning what meditations work for you, or how to use breathing to change how you feel, often your ‘practice’ evolves into something more holistic.

You learn so much about yourself

Learning the ancient teachings of the yogis is a special thing to do. It uncovers a whole lot that might otherwise stay hidden. When you dive head first into the philosophy of yoga, you learn about things like non-violence, non-attachment, honestly, stealing. And a lot more. When you take these concepts and put them into content it your daily life, you see things through a new lens. You also start to unravel the habits and tendencies that have been driving you for years. You then have the chance to change them if you want. This is just the beginning.

An intensive training will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Any response to that is a chance to learn more about what you do when challenged and who you are.

You get a whole new community to learn and develop with after the training ends

When you go through something intense with other people, you develop a closer relationship faster than usual. This gives you a whole new group of people with shared experiences that you can speak to, learn from, help, and support. And this goes on long after the training ends. Once you go back out into the world, it’s amazing to have people who understand where you’re at and what you’re feeling.

It opens up the doors for further learning, development, or teaching

An initial teacher training helps you really understand what you want. Whether you want to deepen your practice and that’s it, whether you want to learn more about particular areas of the practice, or perhaps that you want to teach. If you’re not sure, the training will be the best thing to help you decide.

For more information please click here or you can apply by emailing us at

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