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How to travel with your practice

Nothing beats the excitement of packing your suitcase for a much-needed holiday! Whether you’re going local, international, tropical or to a winter wonderland, some time away can have an immensely therapeutic effect for your physical and spiritual mediums. Explore, indulge and retreat; give your body the break it deserves!

But departing for a holiday can mean pressing pause on the consistent yoga or exercise practice that you’ve had down to a tee for the past months. Even your diet can take a turn to the “over-nourished” side – and why shouldn’t it, you’re on holiday! It’s completely expected to let your hair down while you’re away, but you should never come home feeling lazy or guilty about neglecting your health. Of course, there is a simple solution to this – BYO yoga!

Yoga has to be the easiest practice to take on your travels, really all you need is a flat space for your asanas and some room to flow – instant yoga studio! Take advantage of the varying and inspiring locations that you come across at your chosen destination. Maybe it’s a balcony overlooking a pool, a grassy city park, botanical garden or a quiet beach at sunrise, it’s all about getting creative with your space. If you can manage to pack your mat in your travel bag then that’s a bonus, otherwise take advantage of some natural surfaces to mix up your practice.

It can be quite intimidating and distracting when you take your practice outside. Although the walls of a studio might offer you some privacy, remember that your yoga experience is defined by your ability to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to your higher self. If you’re feeling apprehensive to practice in a public space and in front of prying eyes, start off by simply meditating. Trust us, no one will dare disturb you once you’re in the zen zone!

Increase your knowledge about BYO yoga and speak to other yogis before you leave for your trip. The best way to get tips and tricks about travelling with your practice is by speaking to others! You might unearth a must-see yoga sanctuary visited by a fellow yogi overseas, or even an exciting recommendation for spicing up your practice (heard of SUP yoga anyone?)

If you’re spending an extensive amount of time in one area, why not suss out the local yoga studios and get involved. Many resorts through Bali, Thailand and Malaysia offer yoga classes during your stay – and quite often they are held in the most stunning locations and studios! The other option is to book a yoga retreat, which is the perfect combination of relaxation and practice and will leave you feeling wholly rejuvenated. Have a glace at the retreat page on the Warrior One website, it has some pretty exciting info about our next Koh Samui retreat scheduled for 2016!

This week we will set off for another Warrior One adventure to experience the OMazing retreat that is Aro Ha. Set in a stunning landscape forty minutes out of Queenstown, New Zealand, we look forward to showing you all that a yoga retreat has to offer for your ultimate health and spiritual wellbeing, as well as the beauty of travelling with your yoga practice!


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