Yoga Fundamentals and the Power of Basics

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

While a lot of us think Fundamental classes and workshops are only for new students of yoga, there are some incredible benefits for students of all levels. From first time yogis to advanced practitioners. Here are some of our favourites.

Fundamental classes give us time for refinements

When you’re flowing through a vinyasa class, little things can be missed due to the speed and complexity of a flow. One of the main benefits of fundamental classes and workshops is the time and space dedicated to refining the body in very common poses. Not only can you focus on the way the body should feel and respond in a shape, but you can also find space to work on breath. This time and focus can highlight areas in the body that need more strength or opening and can help you to find some modifications to build that strength and length.

Fundamental classes remind us this practice is a practice

Yoga is about mobility in the body, about moving to breath, and about becoming mindful and aware of the body. It’s not about learning to stand on our hands. Whether you’re new to the practice or have been practicing for years, going back to basics allows us to remember this practice has no end game and no picture of ‘success’. But rather it’s about safely moving the body and about allowing space for the mind through conscious breath.

Fundamental classes remind us this practice is about more than poses

In the Instagram driven yoga world that we live in, sometimes it’s easy to think that handstands and arm balances are the crux of yoga. You will cover what yoga is and some background philosophy, the breath, what a bhanda is and how to use it, plus meditation and breathing exercises that we can use daily to enrich our lives, not just our practice. 


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