Try Acrovinyasa with us on Valentine’s Day

It’s obvious we’re passionate about yoga. Of all types. But we’re especially passionate about Acrovinyasa and the incredible benefits it can have for your practice and the community around you. For those who don’t know, Acrovinyasa combines elements of inversion training, vinyasa, strength, and partner work. While it can be a little daunting to think about coming along to your first acro class, there are some things that will happen when you do that are worth the nerves. So this Valentine’s Day we’ve decided to celebrate by running a two-hour Acrovinyasa workshop as a celebration of love and a celebration of yoga. Why should you give acrovinyasa a go?

It improves your vinyasa practice

If you’re in the air, flying on someone’s feet, you’re going to be pretty diligent about keeping your core engaged, aren’t you? Acro yoga shines a light on areas of our practice we might have let slip. It also allows us to develop more strength and core engagement, which will help us deepen our own solo practice. It also pushes us to try new and different inversions, which again can really start to enhance our solo inversion practice.

It increases kinesthetic awareness

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where our bodies are in space on the yoga mat. We think our left leg is in line with our torso, when actually it’s hardly off the ground. Acro yoga demands that we are aware of where we are and where our partner is. You’ll find out straight away if you’re not in the right position and it will teach you to find deeper body awareness.

It helps you connect to those around you

Whether you practice with a friend, a partner, or even just your yoga buddy on the mat next to you, acro teaches us about coming together for a common goal. It makes you work together as a pair to create strong and safe shapes and asks you to find solutions when things get tricky.  When we do this, we instantly create trust and connection and that can help us strengthen an existing relationship or find new ones.

It pushes us out of our comfort zone

Flying in the air on another person’s hands can be scary. You have to give into the fear and trust. It also asks you to put trust in someone else’s hands or have someone put their trust in you. Which can be daunting. But once you’re flying, it’s the most liberating feeling there is.

It’s really fun!

Seriously, it takes the joy of your yoga practice to a whole new level.

Valentine’s Day Acrovinyasa Workshop with Dustin + Nova

Tuesday 14 February | 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm | Investment $55


This workshop will include vinyasa, inversion training, and acroyoga. There will be partner yoga and partner conditioning. Bring a lover, partner, friend or family member along. Just because it’s Valentine’s themed doesn’t mean it’s only for lovers. No experience necessary, beginners are welcome!

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