Things that Happen in Acro Yoga that aren’t the poses

We’re big fans of acro-yoga here at Warrior One. And while it can get you into amazing shapes and very interesting and even challenging transitions, a lot of what we love about this practice goes beyond just the physical, and certainly past what the shapes look like. This practice asks you to take what’s usually a very personal practice and make it a group activity.

You learn to trust

In acro yoga, we have to trust that our partner is literally going to catch us if we fall. And we have to be ready to do the same for them. This teaches us that we have the strength and ability to look out for others, but more importantly, we can surrender and let other people look out for us. Which is often the hardest thing to learn. Acro-yoga relies on our ability to open up our practice from a solo experience to a team effort. 

Your body can heal

You’d be surprised at how therapeutic acro-yoga can be. When we are suspended, there is less pressure on the body and joints. We can see this in our acro-yoga practice, especially in inverted poses. We are getting all the same benefits of being upside down but with little or no pressure on our joints.

You feel a sense of accomplishment

There is something very satisfying about flying in the air with the help of your new yoga friend. It’s an endorphin rush and it leaves you feeling like you could literally achieve anything you set your mind to.

You become more aware of those around you

Yoga can be a very solo practice if we let it. We come in, we do our thing, and we leave. But when we practice acro-yoga, we need the support of those around us. And after you’ve spent a few hours holding someone in the air, you’re certainly going to acknowledge them when you see them in the studio later in the week. It allows for the community to come together really organically. 

You learn to embrace fear 

Fear holds us back. While we are all afraid of different things, there are going to be times when we let fear stop us from doing something. Acro-yoga can help us embrace fear and keep going anyway. Once we learn this on our mat, we can take that lesson and skill with us when we leave.

To explore all of these wonderful benefits and more, join us for our ACROVINYASA classes on the first Sunday of every month at 2pm.

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