The Power of an Early Morning Ritual

Think back to when you woke up this morning. Did you immediately rise and set your intention for the day? Or did you hit the snooze button twice, or was it three times? How you start your day is the ultimate indicator for how your day will progress. By beginning your day mindfully and putting healthy practices first, you are more likely to continue that pattern as you navigate through a busy and hectic schedule. What works for one person may not work for all, but for many, finding those moments of peace and introspection in the morning can restore balance.

Creating a morning ritual with help boost productivity and find calm amidst the everyday chaos. As well as keeping you accountable! Let’s be honest, you never want to start the day feeling like you’re ten steps behind, so planning the night before can be really helpful. In addition to the benefits your body reaps from this mindful practice, you will start to notice the mental boost a morning ritual can provide. When you have a positive spin on your morning you can continue to incorporate that positivity all day long.

Try waking up and before even getting out of bed, placing your hands on your heart, taking deep breaths and setting an intention for the day. These few minutes of your morning will allow you to connect to yourself, your energy and your desires for that specific day. For us our morning ritual also includes, ayurvedic tongue scraping followed by a tall glass of warm lemon water and a twenty-minute meditation. It’s so simple but it always feels so nice to allow that little bit of time to gain a greater perspective.

Not all of us wake up feeling ready to take on the world—on those days especially, a grounding morning routine can guide you back to your passions and goals. And while we may understand why a morning ritual is important for balance, you might not be sure how to begin our own.

Trust yourself. Listen to your body. Hear your heart. Try writing your thoughts for the day in a gratitude or intention journal. Setting aside even a few minutes to think about what your priorities are and how you can act on them will put you in a better place to actually do so. Take a moment to also consider what your body and your mind needs, and how you might achieve balance in both areas. Be open to the possibilities that await you because you are setting intentions, working with the power of the day before you and noticing your needs each and every day.

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