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Here at Warrior One Brighton our mantra is to flow, evolve and unite. We honour the sanctity of our bodies by practicing yoga, projecting positive thought and consuming the proper fuel we need for nourishment. Eating with understanding is something that should be applied on a daily basis; the problem is there’s so much confusion behind which food is the right food these days!

If you turn over your average box of muesli bars and study the label you might be surprised to see how many unhealthy ingredients and preservatives are actually in them. How are we meant to trust that the food we buy is safe for consumption when even a label can cause uncertainty? Flash back to earlier this year and you’ll probably remember the Nanna’s frozen berry scandal. The entire stock of berries was recalled from supermarket freezers in light of information linking Nanna’s to cases of Hepatitis A. The Chinese-grown berries were ‘packaged’ in Victoria, leading people to believe that they were harvested here in Australia. Sadly, this is just one example of many food brands that line our supermarket shelves, often fooling buyers into believing that they are organic, Australian and safe to eat.

With so many varying factors dictating the type of diet we lead, it’s important to respect the resources that make clean, honest and organic food readily available for the community. This is exactly what local business Loving Earth specialises in. If you haven’t heard of Loving Earth then you probably haven’t tasted their raw organic chocolate, and if that’s the case then you’re definitely missing out! Aside from being master chocolatiers, Loving Earth endeavours to source sustainable and organic foods and ingredients that both nurture the environment and our physical wellbeing. Think sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, clean, minimally processed and wholesome foods that are delicious and all produced according to Fair Trade standards.

Founding director Scott Fry was in India studying yoga and working with the local people to build an organic farming project when the idea for Loving Earth started to form. He began exploring ways in which to commercialise organic food while maintaining the highest respect for the grower, particularly the Indigenous people that had been growing organic crops for centuries. When the company embarked on it’s journey in Melbourne in 2007 it received immediate popularity. Finally there was a resource providing healthy and sustainable ingredients to the community without any deceptive labels or hidden nasties. Nothing but Healthy – Sustainable – Fair!

Take the time to explore the Loving Earth website and get lost in the endless pages of recipes (anyone feel like raw chocolate jaffa tart?) and shop the online store for the most delicious products you’d never even imagine to exist! With stockists all over the country, Loving Earth products can now be found in nearly any good health-food store if you don’t feel like purchasing online.

Still want to know more about Loving Earth? Last week Warrior One Brighton asked Loving Earth’s communications manager Cormac Sheehan a few questions about their food and wellbeing philosophy, as well as the importance of buying Fair Trade products.

  1. What is Loving Earth’s belief about nourishing the body with food?

Basically we believe in eating consciously and listening to your body. Everyone is so different in so many ways so it’s not surprising that people encounter such frustration around diets and food…in our experience the “one size fits all” approach just does not work when it comes to what you eat and drink. Experimenting with a food diary is the best method we’ve found of diagnosing a diet which fits your own body and what works for you. Generally, we try to consume as much whole foods and minimally processed foods as possible.

  1. What is a superfood and why does Loving Earth believe in providing customers with the highest quality products?

It’s a bit of a buzzword nowadays but to us a superfood is a food that has significantly higher nutritious value than other foods. We believe in honouring not only these foods but also the people who grew them and the cultures they come from; health and happiness begins with what you put into your body and finding this out has given us so much that we want other people to experience the same benefits, in a fairly traded and sustainable way.

  1. What does Loving Earth consider to be ‘comfort food’?

Chocolate!! Although it can be anything…this is the other side of eating consciously – if you really want something, then you should have it, even if you feel that you’re “not supposed to” or that it compromises your diet because it has sugar in it, or too many calories, or the other typical things that give people guilt over their diets. Balance is the key…so eat that burger or have that milkshake, just not very often!

  1. Can you describe the Loving Earth philosophy in three words?

Easy! Healthy – Sustainable – Fair.

  1. Why is Loving Earth so passionate about sustainability, the environment and providing fair trade products?

This is about consciousness also, not just for your own body and diet, but for the whole earth and everyone in it. When our founder Scott began the company he was very influenced by Jame’s Lovelock’s GAIA theory, which sees us all part of a unified ecosystem. If we don’t take care of the earth it can’t take care of us.

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