Mindfulness meditation is a practice different from any other. Instead of using the meditation to reach a state of inner peace (higher consciousness) we are using mindfulness meditation to experience the state we find ourselves in, from moment to moment. Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to be truly present and experience what we may be feeling at that current point in time. Whether that feeling may be happiness, sadness, love, grief, anger, frustration, empowerment, disbelief etc. As you know the number of feelings we have in a day is numerous, but do we really get to experience these feelings and emotions properly……Mindfulness meditation can help us achieve this!

When you trade your expectations for appreciation your whole world changes in an instant. Any sort of expectations can stop us from looking within ourselves and growing as an individual. Adopting an attitude of appreciation may not seem like much of a change, until you realise that when you have an expectation, you are placing a demand on yourself or another person.

 From www.boysofyoga.com ; #NEWTOTHECREW - DUSTIN BROWN PRO SURFER . BJJ ROLLER . NINJA MASTER . YOGI Name:  DUSTIN BROWN Hometown:  KAUAI, HAWAII Current town:  MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Yoga practice style:  VINYASA FLOW, HATHA, YIN, YOGA TUNE UP® Instagram:  @dbrownyoga   What’s your story?  In a nut shell: I grew up on Kauai (heaven on earth) surfing...

Think back to when you woke up this morning. Did you immediately rise and set your intention for the day? Or did you hit the snooze button twice, or was it three times? How you start your day is the ultimate indicator for how your day will progress. By beginning your day mindfully and putting healthy practices first, you are more likely to continue that pattern as you navigate through a busy and hectic schedule. What works for one person may not work for all, but for many, finding those moments of peace and introspection in the morning can restore balance.

Meditation and mindfulness are big buzzwords these days. The benefits of feeling more calm, clear and connected would make anyone at least a little interested in trying it out. With the boom of the wellbeing industry, meditation might be considered to be a luxury… something to do ‘when you have the time’. But with our minds on overdrive, stress of the rise and no sign of things slowing down, meditation is becoming more and more of a necessity.

I wonder if you’re like me and sometimes become overwhelmed by the fast pace of life and the rate at which we are bombarded by information? Always trying to squeeze more into the day? Not to mention phone checking, App notifications, text messages, emails, hyperlinks, social media… Agghh! ‘Cognitive overload’ impacts our ability to remain focused and grounded. When I walk from one room into another with a task in mind, and then forget what the task was, before I even enter the next room, I know my mind is overwhelmed and grounding is in order. I need to unplug and get back to basics.

We’re all about nurturing your body and mind at Warrior One Yoga – which is why we are so excited to be featured in The Wellness Book Victoria! This guide to healthy living includes 100 OMazing local brands including everything from organic grocers, boutique food delivery services, herbal teas and organic skincare, to all sorts of boutique fitness studios.

“We believe the ultimate goal in life is to follow your bliss and inspire others to do the same.”- Honza & Claudine Lafond After 15 days in beautiful Bali we return rejuvenated, inspired and maybe a little more flexible! We have traveled to Bali a number of times over the past 10 years (mainly due to Dustin’s surfing) however this trip was in a league of its own. Our first stop was in Padang Bai (east Bali) where we both completed an intensive teacher training in acroyoga. ACROVINYASA is a style of yoga that combines a solo Vinyasa practice, inversion training and acroyoga.

Who’s ready to join Dustin at the world’s only mindful triathlon? Wanderlust is coming to Melbourne to bring people together for a field day centred on the mind, body and soul. First you’ll run, walk, skip or strut 5 kilometres and then find you’re rhythm with a 75 minute yoga flow taught by Dustin alongside a bunch of other OMazing yogis and underscored by a DJ. You’ll round out the day with a 30-minute guided meditation to clear your mind and relax your body.

You may have noticed a new addittion chilling out in our studio. Thanks to our friends at Green St Juice Co. we are excited to introduce our very own Warrior One Yoga alkaline water. These little bottles of OMazingness will not only keep you hydrated, they are also filled to the brim with other benefits for your body and our beautiful planet.
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