Summer holidays are a beautiful time of the year. But sometimes they can be busier than being at work. There are countless activities, events, meals, catch-ups, and celebrations, maybe even getaways. The list goes on. While this can be the best time of the year, it can leave us starting the New Year a little tired. On February 12th we’re running a one-day retreat at the beautiful Amarant Retreat in the Yarra Valley. It’s the perfect opportunity to re-set as the New Year kicks into full swing. What are some of the reasons we value one-day retreats?

It’s obvious we’re passionate about yoga. Of all types. But we’re especially passionate about Acrovinyasa and the incredible benefits it can have for your practice and the community around you. For those who don’t know, Acrovinyasa combines elements of inversion training, vinyasa, strength, and partner work. While it can be a little daunting to think about coming along to your first acro class, there are some things that will happen when you do that are worth the nerves. So this Valentine’s Day we’ve decided to celebrate by running a two-hour Acrovinyasa workshop as a celebration of love and a celebration of yoga. Why should you give acrovinyasa a go?

Here at Warrior One, we’re passionate about our students (and everyone else) being able to live pain free lives. And one of the most beneficial tools we’ve found for eradicating pain is fascial release and Yoga Tune Up. We’re not going to keep all the secrets for ourselves, so we’re running our second anatomy and fascial release immersion. Because we want to share our love and knowledge in this area.

As the heat starts to rise and Summer well and truly kicks into gear, we’re combining two of our loves. The ocean and yoga, in our January stand-up paddle board yoga sessions. While we love practicing on dry land, there is something exciting and fun about taking the practice to the ocean. While you’ll build core and test your courage, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy the healing benefits of the yoga and the ocean at the same time. Our SUP sessions are open to yogis of all levels. We will play with different shapes and poses and have a really good time while we do it. Here are just a few reasons we’re excited about this series.

A big thank you for all of your love, support and dedication this year. The last 12 months have been full of WOW moments for both us personally and Warrior One, which wouldn’t have been possible without YOU- our OMazing tribe. As many of you know, we opened the studio after yoga dramatically shaped our lives for the better and we aspired to share the benefits of yoga with others. Our hearts sing when we hear your stories of how yoga has impacted and changed your lives, as our dream for Warrior One has always been to help you create a better life on and off the mat. Our goal was to create a thriving well-being focused community and we feel that buzz in the studio in every class. So thank you for bringing your positive energy and contributing to the Warrior One community.

A balanced and healthy lifestyle has to include rest, stillness, time away from the work and busyness, boundaries, and a good dose of slowing down. While slowing down is always important, the festive season is often when we need a reminder to scale back. Busy becomes everyone’s favourite word, plans are made on top of plans, we are exhausted, sleep deprived, and completely over doing it. The answer isn’t to say no to friends and family but it’s a good time to remember that you don’t have to be busy to be doing enough. Here are our tips on how you can find a little more space and peace in the busiest time of the year. And all year round.

There is nothing quite like sharing a meal with family as you celebrate the year that was. Lazy days filled with laughter, gifts, and usually too much food. Sign us up. But sometimes we want to swap out the heavy meals with some healthier alternatives, just to keep the festive season a little more balanced. We found a few recipes that can be added to your festive feast, just to keep health a little more on your side.

We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of hitting the yoga mat. But we also understand that stress can get the better of us. So how can we take back control of our stress, even when life is busy? One of our favourite things to do, is develop a home practice. With a few small activities and small chunks of time, suddenly you have the skills and resources available to you, to take back control of your day and reduce your stress levels.
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