Sometimes the yogi world can seem a little left of centre. The world of chakras, meditation, and essential oils. But when you allow yourself to dive right in, you learn that all of these things have real life application. And can make a huge impact to our everyday lives. The chakra system is certainly one of those things. With our upcoming chakra balancing workshop, we thought we’d give you an insight.

Flexibility is one of the most commonly talked about benefits of a regular yoga practice. While there are a lot more – think strength, stability, mindfulness, and overall increased wellbeing, flexibility is very important and not just to look good on the yoga mat. Increased flexibility and mobility in our muscles and connective tissue allows us to reduce our chances of injury and pain. Here are a handful of poses to help you increase your overall level of flexibility.

To practice at our best, we need to make sure we’re fueling the body with the right things. But also at the right times. It can be hard to know when and what to eat when practising yoga. Especially when class times can vary and schedules sometimes don’t always line up with mealtimes. Do you want to eat before, or after, and if so what should you be reaching for? Here are our tips.

Chanting, while not the focus for most yoga classes these days, is often incorporated into the start or end (or both) to add just another layer to the practice. It’s a beautiful way to bring in the ancient healing benefits of sound and mantra into our more physical based classes.  The sound ‘Om’ in particular is said to be the sound of everything or the sound of the universe. It has the power to reverberate through the entire body, which is both energising as well as calming on the entire system. It also allows us to begin and end our practice as a community rather than a single student. We looked into the scientific and spiritual reasons behind chanting the mantra OM.

Often when we think of ‘yoga’ our first reaction is to think of the physical movements, the poses, or the asana. The things we do on our mat in a room full of people. And that is certainly where most of us begin. But when we allow ourselves to delve deeper, the practice starts way before we hit our mat and continues long after we leave it. It starts with how we interact with ourselves and others, long before we see the postures themselves. Incorporating the yogi way of life into our everyday existence can be a daunting process, so we’ve chosen four of our favourite ways to give you somewhere to begin.

Practising every day can be a daunting task. But it’s important to remember that ‘practice’ doesn’t always have to involve being at a studio, or doing a strong flow for an hour. Practice can be a 10-minute meditation, a handful of yin poses, or a dynamic vinyasa practice. And everything in between. The best way to get your mat every day (or as many days as you can and want) is to create a space for yourself at home. Therefore it’s there whenever you have the time and the mood strikes. Here are our tips for making a space that you’ll want to spend time in.

If you’ve been to a yoga class before, it’s likely you’ve heard the term ujjayi breath (sounds a little like ooh-ja-eee). Whether you had any idea what that meant is another story. On the flip side, you might have heard the person next to you breathing quite loud and deep and not completely understood how that was happening? These two things are one in the same. One of the most commonly used breathing techniques (or pranayama) in our yoga practice. Our ujjayi breath.

We are big believers that boys, men, and everything in between should try yoga. Especially those who are hesitant because they think it’s something for women only. It’s certainly one of those things you need to try to really understand. And our friends over at Boys Of Yoga certainly agree. And that’s why they’re bringing a yoga block party to everyone and anyone this March.

Our studio co-founder Dustin was recently interviewed by German yoga teacher and blogger Felix Kruck, as part of his latest series of interviews with people who have inspired him along his yoga journey. Felix aims to bring his readers closer to yoga; especially men, and we couldn't be more grateful to be included in this amazing project! With Felix's permission, we have shared his interview with Dustin for you to read: 

Yoga is obviously a large part of our life. But it’s not all that we do to move and strengthen the body. And we bet there are other things you do too. But it’s nice to remember that our yoga practice can complement any other physical pursuits that we do. Especially running and cycling.
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