The art of study is a big part of the yoga tradition. Both study of the self – how we behave, think, act, but also study of the scriptures. While back in the day the scriptures often meant more tradition texts, we can expand on...

Heading to yoga daily can be easy when you don’t have a whole lot else going on. But as soon as life fills up, whether it’s due to work commitments, looking after a growing family, or even just a busy period, it gets a whole lot harder. Here are some of our tips and tricks for keeping your practice a part of your life when it feels like it’s becoming too hard to do so.

Healthy gut function and digestion is one of the most important things for overall wellbeing. And while it’s important all year round, it tends to get sluggish during winter as we eat heavier foods and more of it. Here are some of our favourite shapes to create when you need to get your body back on track.

After a yoga class, whether you leave feeling calm after yin or energized after vinyasa, the next thing on the agenda can always be food. We are spoilt around our side of town for healthy and tasty eats. Sometimes the hardest thing you’ll do is choosing where to go. Here are some of our Bayside go-to cafes for that post yoga fuel.

You don’t need to take a week away from work and life to get the benefits of a retreat. One of our favourite ways to reset is to spend one day focused on health, yoga, and community. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on Sunday September 10th and we hope you’ll join us. So what can you expect from this one day retreat with Dustin Brown and Chris Dixon at the beautiful Amarant Retreat?

There is nothing worse than getting into bed, exhausted, then all of a sudden your mind starts racing and you can’t fall asleep. No matter how tired you are, or what your day has been filled with, sometimes you can have a tricky relationship with sleep. While sometimes there are physiological causes and sometimes psychological, here are four yoga poses that can help you calm both the body and the mind to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

We’re excited to announce that this October, Dustin Brown and Phoebe Cole will be coming together to present a comprehensive 25-hour training that will bring together both yin yoga and myofascial release techniques using our loved Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls as well as foam rollers. This training is perfect for teachers wanting to share this knowledge with their students, or simply students who want to deepen their understanding and knowledge in the area to better their home and studio practice. Some of the key things this training will deliver:

While moderation is usually the best way of operating, sometimes you enjoy yourself a little too much and wake up with a sore head and a case of dehydration. But never fear yogis, our yoga practice is here to support us whatever we’re doing and whatever it is that we might need. So when it comes to Sunday morning and we’re feeling a little worse for wear, these are the poses we go to, to fix us right up. You’re welcome.
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