Our Monthly Sound Baths + Their Benefits

We love sound meditations and sound baths. And we thought that you might too. And because of that, we’re running monthly sound baths with Mona Ruijs on Sunday nights. All you have to do is come down, snuggle into your mat, and let the sound wash over you and see what happens. While the experience can be really different for all of us, there are a range of benefits that come from being in the space and the sounds. Here are just a handful.

Deep relaxation

Meditation is a very effective form of relaxation. We know this to be true. But when sound is added a deeper level of relaxation is seen not only right away and that night but for days afterwards.

Reduce anxiety and lift your mood

Again, most styles of meditation can help us to reduce levels of anxiety and in tern help to lift out mood. But on top of this, binaural beats, which are tones that are similar but not exactly the same in pitch played simultaneously, are shown to further reduce levels of anxiety.

Increase sleep quality and memory

On top of general relaxation, sound baths are shown to increase quality of sleep. And when it comes to focus and memory sleep length and quality is incredibly important. Studies have been done that show those who attend sound baths not only sleep better, but have improved test results on memory tests.

Deep connection

When we meditate is can be challenging to quiet down the mind, especially if we’re starting out. There’s something quite special that happens when you add sound, it can be almost overwhelming, but the amount of stimuli that is coming at you makes it much harder for the mind to continue chatting away and often it surrenders and you’re just left with sensation and breath.

Check our Workshops page for upcoming Sound Baths w Mona x


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