Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a practice different from any other. Instead of using the meditation to reach a state of inner peace (higher consciousness) we are using mindfulness meditation to experience the state we find ourselves in, from moment to moment. Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to be truly present and experience what we may be feeling at that current point in time. Whether that feeling may be happiness, sadness, love, grief, anger, frustration, empowerment, disbelief etc.

As you know the number of feelings we have in a day is numerous, but do we really get to experience these feelings and emotions properly……Mindfulness meditation can help us achieve this!

Try any of these techniques for 10-15 minutes a day. Remember that you don’t need to be in an ashram to be able to meditate you just need a comfortable spot and a few minutes out of your day.

Mindful Breathing: Start to focus on your breath. The aim is not to change the breath or physically control the breath but to notice how you are breathing. Notice the feeling of your breath passing in and out of your nostrils, the temperature of the breath and where it is dispersing in the body. When you find your mind wandering (it’s inevitable) just keep bringing your attention back to the breath. Again this meditation technique doesn’t stop our thoughts it is a practice of observation.

Mindful Observation: An incredibly powerful exercise in this meditation technique we focus on an object. e.g. flower, candle light, clouds or anything that may be in your immediate environment. Notice the object as if it were the first time you have seen the object. Observe it’s colours, shapes, size and every aspect of the object. Try to relax into the observation technique, this will help slow down the thinking mind.

Mindful Awareness: This practice allows us to bring more presence into common daily tasks by consciously being more mindful when performing the task. For example, every time you sit down for a meal take a moment to smell the flavours, admire the colours, even contemplate the time, effort and cost it took to prepare that meal. By consciously slowing down numerous times in the day mindful awareness can stop us from running on autopilot.

Mindful Immersion: Many times throughout the day we race through chores anxiously finishing one so we can get onto the next. Try immersing yourself in the task to find yourself in the present moment. If you are sweeping the floor notice the dust moving, see the bristles of the broom separating, feel the motion and movement of your arms. Mindful immersion has similar benefits to the mindful awareness technique.

Now you know how important Mindfulness meditation is for each and every one of us. The meditation teaches us not to try and change the experience to something more pleasurable, but shows us how to sit comfortably with the experience. How often do we find ourselves saying “time is flying by.” Practicing mindfulness meditation really allows us to just press pause and experience that exact moment with minimal distractions.

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