How Yoga Can Bring People Together

Sometimes yoga can seem like something you do alone. You go to your own mat, you move, breath, flow, and you’re in your own body. Makes sense right? But yoga has a beautiful power of bringing people together. Even if the practice itself can be done on our own. Take our little yoga community for instance? A beautiful collection of teacher, students, and friends who share a common love and passion. So how does this ancient practice bring people together so easily?

Shared experience

Something amazing happens when we share experiences with other people. Whether we know them already or not. And that shared experience could be the same class together, or the same interest in making it to your mat regularly. This automatically opens up so many avenues for conversation, for sharing what you’ve learnt, or asking for advice. It brings down the walls a little and allows us to interact with people we might not usually. Plus if you’re practicing Acro, you’ll be able to share the sensations and trials of new and exciting poses. 


Yoga is a physical, emotional, and spiritual practice. You have to, in some capacity, be open and vulnerable in the yoga room. This automatically allows us to build and develop trust with those around us. From fellow students, to our teachers. And if you’re literally practicing together in Acro Vinyasa, you have to be willing to hand over trust of your physical body to another person, which can be incredibly liberating and powerful.

Sharing of knowledge

Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to become closer with those around you. Sharing knowledge both ways. Whether it’s the people in class with you, your teachers, those at home who might not have done a lot of yoga before, share what you know and be humble enough to let others do the same. It’s amazing how many teachers will tell you they learn the most from their students. When it comes to acro vinyasa, having a partner who’s willing to help and share is amazing, it allows both parties to grow and develop together. And maybe together they can learn something completely new.


As adults we rarely play. Play is an act that we complete for pure joy, not because we think there is a desirable outcome. And sometimes we have to let our practice be play. Just for the pleasure of movement or breathing deeply, of letting go of the thoughts. And when you allow yourself to do that with others, the joy just spreads. And what perfect way to embrace play than with Acro yoga. Embrace the unknown, do it for the love of trying new things, not because you need to perfect anything.

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