How to Maintain Your Practice When You’re Busy

Heading to yoga daily can be easy when you don’t have a whole lot else going on. But as soon as life fills up, whether it’s due to work commitments, looking after a growing family, or even just a busy period, it gets a whole lot harder. Here are some of our tips and tricks for keeping your practice a part of your life when it feels like it’s becoming too hard to do so.

Allow your practice to look different 

Often we get stuck in our ways. Your routine used to be one hour of vinyasa yoga a day. So when we don’t achieve that, all of a sudden it feels like failure. But when it comes to yoga, especially, there is so much more that is a part of a daily practice. Whether you commit to 15 minutes of poses a day instead of a full hour, or whether you allow meditation just before getting our of bed to be a part of your daily practice, or even five minutes of breathing. It’s ok for our ‘practice’ to change and evolve depending on our time and energy levels. And be ok with breaking it up. Five minutes of breathing at lunchtime, 20 minutes of asana once the kids have gone to bed, and 10 minutes of meditation as you go to bed. All of a sudden you’ve done 35 minutes of yoga and it only took a small commitment here and there. 

Make it a priority

When you’re short on time it’s very easy to cut things from your to do list. Usually the things you do for yourself. But when you’re at your best, you can be your best for your family and those around you, which will benefit them even more. Once you establish what is achievable, even it is 10 minutes a day, commit to that and make it a priority in your day. Otherwise it will easily start to slip. Book your classes a week ahead so you have a plan and a level of accountability, we suggest adding your classes in your calendar as a nonnegotiable practice.

Get the kids involved

It’s amazing what kids will find enjoyable especially if they’re doing it with you. Teach them a few poses and get them to do them with you. Then all of a sudden you have more times when you could fit in your practice. Plus imagine the benefits they will get from moving, breathing, and even just sitting still with you. Have you considered bringing along your teenager to a yoga class at Warrior One? This is a great way to fit your practice in, allow for family time and create healthy habits.

Don’t beat yourself up if a day slips here and there

While we can do our best to stick to a plan, there will be days when things happen. You’ll get stuck at work, you’ll have a sick child, and you might even get sick yourself. Remember a big part of the yoga practice is kindness and often we need to start with being kinder to ourselves.

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