Full + New Moon Rituals


The moon affects the ocean and the tide as much as it affects us. It is a very powerful energy. It can impact our feelings, emotions, and even behaviours. But we can harness the power and the energy of the moon to our advantage. How? Here are a few rituals you might try the next time there’s a full or new moon.

Full moon rituals

The full moon brings with it clarity and focus. It’s time to connect, to celebrate, and to embrace feminine energy. So how can we embrace everything the full moon is?

Full Moon Release

It can be a great time to release what is no longer serving you. Simply write down everything that you want to let go of. That could be thoughts, situations, behaviours, emotions, pain. Step out under the light of the moon and read it out loud. Then burn the letter and feel it go.

Full moon charging

Just like us, our crystals can become influenced by the energies around them and they need to be cleansed and recharged. The full moon is one of the most powerful ways to ‘charge’ your crystals or other spiritual tools (cards, necklaces, clay, anything). This can be super simple, let your tools be seen by the full moon light. You can also offer intentions and blessings to them as they are getting charged.

New Moon rituals

It’s no surprise that the new moon is a time to embrace new things – ideas, people, relationships, plans, and opportunities. It’s a time to set intentions and get clear about what you want. It’s a time of hope and rebirth.

Cleaning and smudging

To create new, we need to start with a clean slate. The place we live, the place we spend out time, wherever we are, it can hold energies. A cleaning ritual can help to rid any negativity from a space. You can use sacred smoke like sage and incense or things like oil sprays.

Intention setting

As we invite in new, we want to be deliberate. Setting intentions for the cycle ahead is a powerful way to invite these things into our life. Write down dreams, hopes, wants. And be really specific. Then read it aloud under the sky or by a candle. Give thanks and don’t be afraid to come back to the list again and again.


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