Embracing Play

As adults we have priorities. We have things we think are ‘productive’ and ‘necessary’ and then we have things that we don’t have time for. And those lists have changed dramatically since we were childres. But there are a few things that we did as a child that should be just as important to us today. And one of those things is play. While some people assume playing is for children, play has an important role in our mental health, our productivity, and our creativity. To name just a few.

What is play?

Play isn’t a static goal or thing. But rather a process or way of being. Rather than playing a game for a result or a win for example, play should be seen as something undertaken simply for the joy of it.  It’s something that hopefully excites you and you look forward to it. And it comes to and end when it does. Not when it ‘finishes’ or when there is a ‘winner’.

While there is no goal no set time, no rules, what often comes from it is learning, inspiration, connection (to yourself or others), pleasure, and contentment.

How can we play? 

Play for everyone is different. For example, for some of us walking outside with the dog is play, for others it’s a chore. The same goes for any tasks. Find things you love doing, cooking, colouring, playing ball games, hanging with friends, the kids, family, the animals, journaling, yoga. If you’re struggling, think about what you loved to do as a child, those things that would make time disappear. Start there.

Make it a practice

Every day should be filled with play. And anything can be turned into play. Supermarket shopping can be so fun and silly if we let it. Allow the joy to come back into your life.

For us Acro yoga is play and allows for us to build community, to embrace creativity, and to let go of the ‘adult’ mindset that everything needs to be serious. Join us for our acro yoga sessions.



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