Do More of What Makes YOU Happy

If you want to be happy, be.Leo Tolstoy

With the Easter holiday well and truly behind us, it’s finally time to get back into the swing of things. But wait… Just. One. More. Piece. Of. Chocolate.

Are those sighs of regret we hear? Before you succumb to the bloated and sugary despair that is calling, try to remember that it really isn’t the end of the world. Although you may feel guilty now, it’s more than okay to have a little indulgence in your life. Whether it’s in the form of Lindt chocolate bunnies, a glass of wine here or there or even splashing your money on something unnecessary; if it brings you happiness then ignore the guilt.

With a dramatic increase of fitness blogs and the dangerously dubbed ‘fitspiration’ there is more motivation than ever to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Although it’s a positive step for the community, it doesn’t rule out the damaging influence that social media has over a person’s self-esteem. Access to fitness and dieting accounts across Instagram and Facebook can often create a very negative effect. They introduce us to the ultimate athletic body and images of perfectly lean physiques that inadvertently create a standard of what we should look like.

It’s great to be healthy, but if you’re driven by the social expectation to look a certain way then it can have unhealthy consequences on your overall wellbeing. Disconnecting from the standards set by social media is no easy task. You might find determination from dieting and fitness images, but make sure you listen to the emotional warning signs that your body is sending you. Feelings of guilt, negativity and judgement towards your appearance are an indication of trouble.

Your physical health is ultimately reflected by your emotional health, so why not start from there? Switch off from personal pressure to look good and focus on feeling good instead. Quite literally, do more of what makes you happy! Set achievable goals for yourself and promote your own self-respect. Meditate, listen and learn from your body. INDULGE!

The regular practice of yoga offers a chance to unite your mind and body in a harmonious flow of movement and reflection. Utilise your yoga sessions to nourish your self-worth and to observe the intuition of your body. This process of mindfulness will not only aid your spiritual journey, but will provide your body with the right psychological foundation to achieve your health goals safely. A restorative and renewing yoga class provides the perfect environment to train positive thoughts in the mind and the body equally. By balancing the physical and emotional elements, you are armed with the tools to approach your health with understanding and practical perspective.

Don’t let the false expectations surrounding health and fitness limit you to being miserable. Achieving the healthiest version of yourself all depends on your capacity for positivity and happiness; and most importantly, aim for happiness each and every day!

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