Difference between a holiday and a yoga retreat

If you’ve never been on a yoga retreat, you might think that it’s just a holiday with some yoga thrown in there. But in fact it’s so much more. It’s actually worlds away from a regular holiday. And we think retreats are all the better for it. Here are just some of the ways retreats and holidays differ.

Checking out versus checking in

On a holiday, the first thing you want to do is get away from everything and disconnect from it. To relax, not think about anything, and drink cocktails until you go to bed. Right? On a yoga retreat, while you’ll get to disconnect from the everyday stresses and demands, you will be encouraged to check in with yourself. How you feel, what’s happening in the mind, your habits, your regular ways of thinking, how life is going. The list is endless. Once you become aware of these types of things, you have the power to change things. If you want to. And that can be one of the most powerful things about a retreat.

Activity versus mindful movement

On holidays, activities become your schedule. Trips to the pool, shopping days, dinners, the list goes on. Often you fill your time quickly. On a retreat the schedule will most likely be a little freer and you’ll find yourself adding mindful moment into your day. Whether that’s yoga, hiking, swimming, beach walks. Whatever it is, it will offer the time and space to be present and connected while you move.

Disconnect versus connection

Depending where you go, holidays can be incredibly busy and filled with other holiday goers. But it’s rare that we connect to those around us. On a yoga retreat however, those around you become your new community. At least for the duration of the trip (but often long after that). The power of bringing like-minded people together is endless. It creates common experience, common goals, and common struggles. And all that bonds people together fast and strong. Expect to come home with a new friend or two.

Indulgence versus detox

When on holiday mode we tend to indulge in a few more treats and glasses of wine that we might at home. Which is what life is about, right? But on a retreat, often the opposite will happen. Sometimes it’s because of the places you go but often it happens due to how you’re feeling. After a lot of connection and movement, you tend to gravitate towards healthier more nourishing foods, naturally. And you’ll find your body responds quickly to that.


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