Community Meditation at Mordialloc

Only six months have gone by since the opening of our Mordialloc studio and already the community is humming and we couldn’t be happier. And we love to give back to you all so you can get the most out of the space, the teachers, and your practice. So every Sunday morning at 8.30am we’re running free community meditations. Why should you come along?

Belonging to a community is a human need

One of the most important markers for health and longevity in humans is strong relationships and the feeling of belonging. While we can belong to families, groups, workplaces, friendship circles, the list is endless, having a space to go to where you’re always welcomed and always nourished is very supportive for both mental and physical health. When you come along to our community mediations you’ll get a chance to meditate with others, connect with likeminded people, and deepen your connection to your teachers.

You’re up bright and early to start your Sunday in a beautiful way

There’s nothing better than a full day to explore or get things done. On Sunday it can be easy to sleep late and have a lazy day (which we all need here and there), but once you’re at meditation, you’ll be able to leave with a positive mindset by 9am.

Meditation with others can be easier than alone

Meditation can be hard for a lot of us. Sitting still for 30 minutes when your mind is wandering takes some determination. When you’re in a room with others, you have no choice but to stay and stick out the full half hour. It can help you improve your ability to sit still making it easier to do at home.

It’s free

Did we mention that? Because we love you.

Let’s get zen together! Book here.

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