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Inside our studios, a wonderful experience awaits you. Exhale stress and limitations and inhale confidence and strength. Our team of passionate and talented teachers are here to guide you and share their love of yoga. Welcome to our community of mindful warriors. 

Our team



Owner, Yoga Teacher, BJJ Black Belt, Ex-Pro Surfer + Apple Fitness Trainer


Owner, Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner, Experience Creator + Community Lover


Owner, Yogini, Foodie + Customer Service Devotee


Manager, Yoga Teacher + Naturopathy Student


Yoga Teacher, Myotherapist + Ex-Cheer Leader + Dancer


Yoga Teacher, Professional Dancer + Fun Loving Human


Yoga Teacher, Plant Lover + Eternal Student


Yoga Teacher, Author, Lover of Anatomy + Poetry


Yoga Teacher + Outdoor Lover + Mum of 2 Beautiful Fur Babies


Yoga Teacher, Comedian + Feminist


Yoga Teacher + Dog Lover + Fun Loving Human
chris web


Yoga Teacher, Artist, Musician, Father + Surfer
Rayne web


Yoga Teacher, Osteopath, Mumma of 2 + Healer


Yoga Teacher, Dancer + Bhakti Yogi + Meditation Goddess


Yoga Teacher, Ex-Accountant, Coffee & Inversion Addict


Yoga Teacher, Mumma of Two + Writer
megan web


Yoga Teacher, Ocean Dweller + Mountain Explorer


Yoga Teacher, Inversion Addict + Graphic Designer


Yoga Teacher, Chinese Medicine Student + Mumma

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We love our Tribe, and they love us!


Everything you need is already inside. And this is just that little more.

How do I sign up for a class?

We’ve made booking online simple and easy! Book your classes online HERE or download the Warrior One Yoga App free on the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY.

We highly recommend you book online before arriving to your class to reserve your mat. Please be mindful that cancellations online can be made up to 6-hours prior to your class commencing. Please note the first class of each day has a 12-hour cancellation window.

Any non-cancellations will mean you forfeit that visit and direct debit will result in $10 late cancellation fee or a $15 absent fee.

How does the waitlist work?

All classes have a waitlist feature. Be sure to add yourself to the waitlist via our Warrior One Yoga app or our website, as there are often cancellations. If you are waitlisted for a class you will receive a text and/or email to confirm your mat up until 6-hours before the class. You can respond to the sms with Y to accept your spot or N to pass your spot on to the next person on the list. We do ask that you please respond promptly to the message as there are likely others waiting.

The other great benefit of the App is that it indicates to you what number you are on the waitlist – E.g.#2 AND that number will turn to a tick symbol when you have become successful in getting into that class. This system works well so don’t despair if your desired class is full, just use the waitlist. You’ll more than likely get in!

*If you are not receiving text messages (as we have noticed that some Optus or Telstra customers may not receive them) just be sure to check your email or the Warrior One Yoga App. If of course you no longer want to attend the class please be sure to take yourself of the waitlist. Please note you will not be charged if you do not get into the class from the waitlist.

Are the classes all levels?

Yes, our classes are suitable for students of all levels of experience and we offer modifications in every class. Our teachers are all experienced in offering variations of different poses for beginner students, and more advanced modifications or progressions for the more experienced yogis. Yoga is all about your personal journey on the mat so we have a ‘do what you can’ philosophy!

How early should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes before class to check in at reception, set up your mat, talk with the teacher about any injuries or concerns you may have and prepare yourself for practice.

*Please note that the front door will be lock at the beginning of class start times to ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

What should I bring and what should I wear?

All you need to bring is yourself, a water bottle and an open mind. We provide you with everything you need; including Manduka Pro Yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and other nifty yoga props. Please feel free to bring your own yoga mat and yoga towel if you’d prefer.

Wear flexible and light exercise clothing that will allow you to move comfortably.

I'm having trouble with the website, help!

If you’re having trouble creating an account or the website isn’t working perfectly here are a few things you can try;

  1. Please ensure your web browser* and software are up to date.
  2. Hot tip: Google Chrome tends to be more reliable than Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  3. Please avoid accessing the website on your phone, the website is designed for bigger screens. We also have an OMAZING Warrior One Yoga App available for FREE via iTunes or Google Play

My Warrior One Yoga App is not working, help!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If your WOY App is not working correctly here are a few things you can try;

  1. Ensure the Warrior One Yoga App is updated to the latest version.
  2. Ensure your Apple or Android operating software is up to date.
  3. Turn your phone off and on.
  4. If you haven’t already, please delete the Warrior One Yoga App and re-install it on your phone or device, this generally fixes everything
  5. Lastly, you can reset your password using the Forgot Password link.

If you still are having trouble please shoot us an email or call the studio on 9596 5401, we’re here to fix things.


Is there parking?

Yes, there is an abundance of free parking on Beach Road Mordialloc and New Street Brighton as well as the surrounding side streets.

Are the classes heated?

The yoga room is warmed to a comfortable 25°C – 27°C degrees to keep the room ‘warm’ without being ‘too hot’. Our infrared heating panels assist with warming up the body in preparation for the practice and during the practice itself.

If you ever feel too hot, please let your teacher know. They’ll show you the cooler spots in our yoga rooms and give you some techniques to regulate body temperature.

Can I practice during pregnancy?

Yes, yoga is a great way to keep your body feeling great and your mind in balance during pregnancy. Practicing during pregnant is a very individual process, so we recommended consulting with your health care professional. It is always very important to notify your teacher at the beginning of the class so they can offer you modifications.

What if I am injured?

Many students find yoga to be a helpful practice when working through an injury but it depends on the specifics so we recommended consulting with your health care professional.

When you come into the studio, make sure to chat to your teacher about your injury before class and they will provide you with modifications for a safe practice.

Can I bring my children to class?

Yes, classes are open to ages 10+ but are not specifically geared towards children. If you have a question about your child participating in a class or event, please feel free to contact us. For insurance reasons, children are not allowed to wait in the reception area during class.

Do you offer private classes or corporate sessions?

We sure do! Working one-on-one is a great way to delve deeper into the needs of YOUR practice. Please contact us at the studio 9596 5401 or email info@warrioroneyoga.com.au to schedule a private or small group yoga session.

How do I purchase a gift voucher?

There are 3 ways to purchase a gift voucher from us.
A. Click here to buy the gift of yoga online.
B. Use the Mindbody App – Search for Warrior One Yoga and purchase gift vouchers through Brighton or Mordialloc locations. You’ll be able to email the voucher (or print) and write your own message.
C. We can process the sale over the phone – 9596 5401. You can then collect a blank gift card from either studio 15 minutes before or after any scheduled class.

Our Locations

Two individually-designed, bespoke yoga studios providing the very best Yoga in Melbourne bayside.

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