25-Hour Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release Training

We’re excited to announce that this October, Dustin Brown and Phoebe Cole will be coming together to present a comprehensive 25-hour training that will bring together both yin yoga and myofascial release techniques using our loved Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls as well as foam rollers. This training is perfect for teachers wanting to share this knowledge with their students, or simply students who want to deepen their understanding and knowledge in the area to better their home and studio practice.

Some of the key things this training will deliver:

A deeper understanding of the physical body

This training is delivered by Dustin who is a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher and Phoebe Cole who is not only a yoga teacher but also a Myo-Therapist with a deep understanding of the human body and how we can heal it ourselves. You will leave with a deeper understanding of fascia, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics in a really applicable way.

A balanced approach

The training will look into both the Western fascia research but also dive into the Taoist meridian theory, allowing students to understand how fascia came to be such a focus. Applied anatomy and physiology for the yin postures will be covered focusing on the fascia system and fascia lines. But then anatomy of the subtle body from yogic and Daoist perspective will also be covered. As well as the chakras and the meridian lines. This will enable students to understand the topic from a number of angles. And if they plan to teach they can then share this knowledge in a range of different ways.

An understanding of how to teach classes straight away

This training will give students the theory and principles behind yin yoga as well as information on sequencing fascial yin yoga flows with and without the use of props. It will also cover the broader topic of the art of teaching yin, plus ways to weave the subtle body through classes.

A deeper understanding of healing the body

Students will leave with a deeper understanding of how they can heal their own tightness and pain. Students will walk away with Yoga Tune Up Balls, a foam roller, and the knowledge of how to use them at home to keep their body open and pain free.

25-Hour Yin Yoga + Myofascial Release Training with Dustin Brown + Phoebe Cole

Friday 27, Saturday 28 + Sunday 29 October
Early Bird $695* before August 31st or full price $795

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